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Facial Care

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Try essential oils maybe? 


Here's how I applied it: I take 100% Tea tree oil, put a cotton ball to the opening of the bottle and quickly pour a tiny drop into the cotton ball. Then Id gently rub it on the areas that irritate me. I did this once a day for a month (sometimes twice cause it was so bad), and noticed very good results. Ive read that 100% Tea tree oil is kind of strong (still not sure why it matters), so some people buy a lower purity % or dilute it themselves, but I was desperate enough to YOLO it. I did not get side effects from it so far so I continue to use that method. (I will add that it might itch or burn a little when applying it to the area for a couple of minutes). 


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Health and a proper skincare routine is important if you want good skin. Drink enough water, eat a balanced diet and get a little sunlight - and don't keep touching your face with dirty hands! People I know say that I look 26 or so (I'm a decade older than that), after I hint to them that I'm a lot older than I look...

For me, I wash my face with gentle cleanser (I use EverSoft Camellia Flower & Mulberry), pat dry with a small clean cloth which I wash and replace daily, and then applying a facial moisturizer. I'm using Alvi Beauty Care organic argan oil right now (pure argan oil). The combination keeps skin clean and protected, so it wards off acne and blackheads / whiteheads nicely.

Unless I'm expecting to be in the sun a lot, that argan oil moisturizer provides enough UV protection. The science says it's about 6 - 8 SPF, so it's not much but enough if you're in the shade.


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