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Pd Door Price?

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I just had an extremely bad experience with them, and its not just one time but many!! up till now my problem is still not resolved and although the door was installed, it was done so badly and till now i still cannot believe such bad service can come from a seemed reputable company. I showed the pictures to a few friends and they cdn't believe the extremely poor workmanship either.

I am not sure if i want to go thru what happened as there were so many bad encountances, makes me fume. As its not just lousy installation, no response from the sales (after making payment, he no longer picks up my call. i only get to talk to him unless he wanted to talk to me), but also bad attitude from the installer. Can you imagine the installer can suddenly disappear after they installed the door?

Luckily, there was still one staff from the main office who is still responsive. So now waiting for her to do their internal 'investigation' and to update me later how they intend to fix the problem. so lets wait and see.

Anyway, the door itself seemed ok, it does slide and swing as shown in their video on the website. However, considering the price (>$400), and the quality of the door (its basically just metal/alumnium look alike frame, and depending on what design u choose, they just change the insides with different laminates and/or glass), its just not worth it. For toilet door maybe, but definitely not presentable enough for bedroom doors. In fact, the sales intially told me it will be acrylic as I was worried that glass might shatter when the door slams (as my house is very windy), but turned out to be glass when the door came. How i know it was glass? The glass window broke on the day of installation and they had to send it back and arranged for another day to install. They only discovered this after they called and said they were already at my door. The sales claimed that the door was damaged while transporting in the lorry and its an 'accident' and the glass will definitely not break when the door slams. I wanted to change to acrylic but it seemed that by the time he called me, the door was already fixed with glass, and he assured me that the door will be so good and the glass will not break unless i hit it with a sharp object.

so again..let's wait and see.

ps: luckily i had only ordered one door from them, i was coaxed by the sales to replace my whole house initially but because the door price jumped from $200++ as claimed from website to $400++, i decided to install one door and see how. so its a blessing in disguise i guess. :)


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i was considering to go for a pd door installation for my hdb flat, so i came online to look for the research of this pd door. Seems like there are a lot of problems happened from the consumers. It seems extremely scarry to me. I don't think anyone love bad service. I read the feedback from the consumers here, it was such suffering. I have no idea why should i go for a 'not-cheap', bad servicing, product might malfunction easily.... company. I also like to bless all the people here. Wish u guys have a great reno session but not pay for suffering bad servicing. :thumbs up:


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