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Home & Furnishing: The Grilles Story

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Hi Slannie,

My ID told me that she need to earn & also warranty her works for 2 years.. so definitely need to mark up..

So we need to go thru the haste of communicating & liaising with the contractor ourself in order to save $$$


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Hi mummychua,

Since you're a corridor unit. So having grille fixed should be no problem for you to clean. And true enough sliding grille cqn easily be open just by unscrewing the lock! So fixed grille for corridor is the safer option.

Actually silver or white color grille are both easy to clean and maintain. If stain white or silver color also will get stained. Anyway aluminum do not rust. Normal wiping will be sufficient to maintain.

Lastly for kitchen area, we had the same problem to choose casement or sliding. In the end we went for sliding because of its easy maintenance and safety aspects. So we had a 3 track sliding window.

Pm me if you need the contacts.



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Please don't ever, ever, ever, ever, never, never, never, never engage Soo Liang Trading. He (Mr Koh HB-04-2483F) is very cheap but he delays the work big time.

I sign on his package and paid deposit on 21 May 2014. He suppose to send in application to HDB for a permit... but he drag and drag I called him like almost everyday. The response is: I will do it.

Eventually he did it, but he drew my window at the wrong place in my copy of my floor plan which he submit to HDB for approval weeks later.

I had to call the HDB officer and gave her my number to call him to resubmit a new floor plan since he drew on the wrong position.

He drag on until 21 July 2014 my permit was approved, I called him and he said he will finish my grille on 22 July 2014, and he will come in the morning.

He came at 8 plus am and put three badly scratched windows outside my door.

I called him at 9:30am and he said he is nearby and will come up.

He came at 10am and I told him the window panels are scratched. Can you change it?

He says fine, and he went off till 1:30pm, I called him asking if he is coming back to fix my grille and windows, and I am skipping lunch waiting for him.

He says he is coming which he reached at 2pm and finished my work in the late evening. And no, he didn't lift a finger, the china man fixed all my grille. The indian man fixed my windows.

Please do not engage him!!! you will vomit blood and regret like me!!

And until now he took back my agreement, and did not send me any invoice which he promised. From 22nd July 2014 till now 19th August 2014, no invoice in my letterbox.

And he doesn't bother listening to your reasons or any opinion. He always do things and fix timing all HIS OWN WAY.


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