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  1. hi panda, u can try callng my cousin contractor doing soundprof window. 9672XXXX mr ang. hope this helps. cheers.
  2. Hi guys, can try my cousin, hes also into window tinting. 9672xxxx. Cheers!
  3. Hi Twinklecloud, my cousin place also have a double glazed window. but i think its another set of double glazed winodw. and the effect is quite impressive. can really feel the diff when open and close window. hope this helps.
  4. Hi Goh, u can try my supplier. They deal with window n sliding/folding doors. Reasonable pricing n good workmanship. 96720326 Mr Ang.
  5. hi bro, u can try my contact. he does my fren pl for about 1200. understand they do free quote. 96720326. gd luck, cheers!
  6. Hi, i know someone doing the sliding door. i pm you the contact. cheers!
  7. Hi mummychua, Since you're a corridor unit. So having grille fixed should be no problem for you to clean. And true enough sliding grille cqn easily be open just by unscrewing the lock! So fixed grille for corridor is the safer option. Actually silver or white color grille are both easy to clean and maintain. If stain white or silver color also will get stained. Anyway aluminum do not rust. Normal wiping will be sufficient to maintain. Lastly for kitchen area, we had the same problem to choose casement or sliding. In the end we went for sliding because of its easy maintenance and safety aspects. So we had a 3 track sliding window. Pm me if you need the contacts. Cheers!
  8. Hi, Pls share contacts. thanks.
  9. Bigmouse, on 14 May 2014 - 2:05 PM, said: Have check the new bi-fold door and pd door. personally find that bi-fold is much user friendly and durable. pd door is space saving but the material and mechanism doesnt seems very durable. also have seen quite a bit of "reviews" in RT. so i would go with bifold door. cheers!
  10. hi, paint first then carpentry works. lastly touch up the paint to complete your lovely home.
  11. bro, i think you worried too much. all along in this market,10mm and top hung is commonly and generally used in home renovations. which in this forum hardly or never see anyone complaints about it. things handle with care and maintenance will last a long way...
  12. peeps, found this nice door.. http://windowgrilles.blogspot.sg/2014/02/frameless-glass-sliding-door.html