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Restriction On Dogs In Condo?

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My point is: Dont penalise good owners and good dogs just because a few bad ones spoil the good reputation of some considerate ones.

Correct lor, if the dog & its owner do things swee swee, who will bother & complain against them? Mankind & animals' co-exist is one thing, always there are people like to do things at others' expenses.

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Correct, just like the equivalent... "there are no lousy workers, just lousy bosses".... kudos to those responsible pet owners... but there are so many that generically give all owners a bad name... these people are uneducated, old folks (who cannot change already - just wait for them to DIE)... who do not give 2-hoots on the requirements of pet ownership in majority flat-based Singapore. Too bad... if you want to have a BIG dog... then get landed property.... saying cannot afford is kinda stupid.... go Malaysia then.... for the same price, you can get a bungalow with 1-2 acres of space. Else, get those tiny ones, (some are so horrible looking - they don't even qualify to be called dogs) - but make sure those creatures don't bark.... it's bloody irritating. Don't get me wrong, I am a dog and cat lover, but given the potential problems in owning them in condos, forget it - I just don't want to bring myself down to the level of a dog to talk to one :) My condo has an idiot whose dog bark non-stop... so many people complain to the management, who in turn ensured us they have revert to AVA... but AVA didn't do take any action... or frankly, what action can they take? Bang down the door and shoot that miserable piece of ****? I don't know....

I do not think your logic of "if you want a big dog then you need to live in a big house" makes sense. It's like saying if you do not have a big house, you do not have the right to have a big dog. My neighbour has a huge house, but I have never seen them walk the dog before, and the poor dog is chained to a miserable corner. Big house = loved dog? I don't think so.

And if you think that it's too much of a hassle to deal with the condo management, you probably don't have the right to call yourself a dog lover.


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On 3/19/2010 at 2:32 PM, bepgof said:

I once complained to condo manager abt one owner having more than 3 dogs, I took pictures & video of the dogs and wrote a letter to Agri-Food & Veterinary with this owner's adress, of course with my address attached as well. I wrote the letter out of condo manager's effect (talk to owner) did not work. After that letter, left 2 dogs.

One occasion, near security post, this owner's small dog unleashed, run toward my daughter and I wanted to kick fly that but that little run away, I talked to the owner asked him leash his dog in public, no more next chance. His act of leaving dog unleashed in public places is laible to be fined for $5,000 by AVA.

Golden Retriver worse still, need to be leashed & muzzled before appearing in the public places. Failing which u will pay & 5,000 if some one report to AVA with evidence. HP with camera is very common now, do not take chance. Be a responsible pet owner. To be frank, many pet owners do not know what they are doing. I even asked owners carrying pets in arm to get out of the hawker center. I have the AVA phone in my HP. If they argued I would take picture immediately and call up AVA.

Likely the CM will ask u to give up the dog within a certain time frame, if u fail, then he will report to AVA.

**** off.


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