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Absolook Interior Design

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Read quite good review from here and other forums ... so we engaged Absolook for our 5rm bto ... project on going ... seems like every task also got problems ... or we unlucky always gets the inferior teams ...


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Just wana find out if this is true that theres no color choice for this?

wardrobe is walnut wood ish laminate ... wall is grey ... carpenter use white silicone sealant ... out of no where comes a white color ... 

both id and carpenter claim no brown silicone sealant ... ask if painter can paint grey over the silicone sealant ...



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On 11/22/2016 at 2:40 PM, jasminelin said:

Hi Jimmy,

OMG, must have missed your pm.

I am just sharing my experience with Absolook, My suggestion is to look for the popular ID in Absolook than being randomly assigned one.

Also human communication breakdown is not the only factor. 




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We have visited the absolook at Jurong unit but the designer attended to us join the company fresh. Has no idea and questions raised to him. It was painful and we head the same office one month later and met a more experience designer. Well, he will shared with you on their package 18k quote with freebie if we signed up that day to get 10% off. After signed up, then we realise that the 18k has limited selection on type of materials, color...etc. After selected the preferred items, the package total become 35k. We have no choice since we have signed the deal and hope the renovation get it done smoothly. By the way, they are pushing for down light.....so we ended up have 25 down light. 

We realised that the company outsourced all the work, eg. Electrician to other sub vendor. Well it could be current practise. 

After 3 years with the unit, almost most of the cabinets hinge got rusted and few short circuit on the additional plugs. Well, we.knew the warranty has over and the designer also reluctant to entertained us, we found repair the socketa area and the experience eletricain shared that the company has done a lousy work on the wiring. 


1. Dont look at the freebie. Discuss detail with the true costing especially it may exceeded your budget. 

2. They are not the best designer, they cannot advise us properly, but more of cut and paste design to show you. 

3. Do not use their painting work. Overpriced, they charge me $3.5k and after check with Homefix it can done by $2k with same prenium paint.

4. We also.ask designer to look at air con unit, we realise the installation not from.the absolook company and likely the designer outside partner and we paid $4k for 3units darkin and prenium tubing but it leaks aftrr 2 years and we cannot find the 'installer'. Go to any reputable store, gaincity or darkin distributor.more worth it. 

5. Our basin leaks also which is installed by absolook worker, after we repair it.,.realise crack line which should be due to installer but they did not man it or tell you. 


Lastly, paying high renovation price doesnt mean good quality. 

Good luck for all.











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