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I would like to comment on my moving experience last week with elite movers. first of all, the cost of my moving

1. a big sofa 3+2+2

2. 4 matresses

3. 4 tvs

4. 2 safe

5. 1 marble dining tsble

6. 1 altar

7. 2 desktop

8. washing machine

9. some small stuffs and like clothes hanger stand etc.

10. cartons total about 20-30.

total cost was 460.

shalom movers quoted me 900+!

anyway, i crossed my fingers getting a cheaper mover which is nearly half the price. but, everything turns out great! they were on time, didnt grumble, very efficient and none of my things were damage. the in charge was very friendly and sometimes although i made a mistake on the position of the bulky items, they are still willing to help to move.

with the price and the service, i will get them again if i were to move again. hope my experience will help forummers with their moving :yamseng:


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Second that, I've used them 3 years in a row. Will never go for any other mover even if there are cheaper options. Their efficiency is worth the little bit extra!!


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Another happy customer of Elite Movers.

The movers arrived 45 minutes before our scheduled time of 1pm. 4 men and 1 driver. Very efficient! The driver really just drives and take care of the vehicle, while the 4 movers do all the moving.

Boxes which I have not taped up, they actually took initiative and taped it up for us. Like wise for some loose items in smaller boxes, they have also put it into another box for us.

In fact these guys are so efficient, they finished moving everything by 1.30pm. That's 75 minutes! Very very fast. Very satisfied with their services.

Yes, they provide the boxes as well. Need to pay a deposit which you can get back on returning them. The boxes are used, but not in poor condition.



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