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Edmund's after sales service is v good. Coming to 2 years after handover and he's still contactable and helpful. :)

Hi Alamak, same here :)

After handover 1 year plus he's still contactable.

Yesterday just came to rectify.

Good after sales service :good:


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Hi Alcom,

his after service is fantastic:) Had many friends who have done reno with other reputable IDs/Contractors..but were all unable to find them when they had issues after staying in.

I didnt had this issue at all, and whenever there's any thing with the house (sometimes not his reno related, but with my electrical appliances like water heater, tv) i always asked him for opinions or help.

He has never 'disappeared' after taking money :) Btw, i have finished my reno for 2 yrs!

Good luck in your reno!

hi all,

thanks for the feedback.

will call my wtb to come in & read.

your replies make me so much easier to convince her. :yamseng:


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Just met up with edmund today. now waiting for his quote.

Can those whose house renovated by him please share.

How is his after sales service?

After collect payment is he still contactable?

Thanks a million. :sport-smiley-018:

Edmund is nice, helpful and funny! :)

His after sales service is good n he's contactable after payment collection.

Just buzz him or sms him with regards to anything.

Happy renovating with him! :)


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Wow ur house is awesome beautiful... Can i know what material u use to create the beautiful colourful wall **** rm?

Hi Shawncck, thanks and sorry for the late reply! Have replied your pm:)


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This forum thread looks much better after the clean up (from the earthquake)..so sad though, most threads were lost..but at least its neater and cleaner now:) Nevermind, i'm sure it will be built up again when new and old customers gather and talk again:)

I previously reposted my reno experience, but i think its lost again..

I had a really wonderful reno experience with ed, So wonderful, i'm petty sure he's always my choice if i move house again:)

He is not an ID, yet he took so much efforts to create 3ds so realistic, that i could visualise my colorful house. Choosing a lollipop theme for my house, i was really worried of not having an ID (due to a miserable budget). However, ed went all the way to help create my dream house. Always accepting my weird ideas and helping me visualise :)

A quick snap shot of my house:)






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