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  1. Hack it down & a free tix for your permit holder to changi prison for free stay
  2. Hey all ! 420 & 421 is now open! congrats to all ! water seeping issue has been rectified ! do find me to lim teh if gt time ! haha ! cheers ! Done up flat available for viewing of workmenship !
  3. Blk 420 will be getting keys earlier than 421. By right it shld be 421 but it happened to have falling accident. 425 will be the last few
  4. Aiyo come and find me la.. give me a chance to talk to u guys
  5. hello guys, wondered if you people had seen me before over the area there. I've just been stationed over there by my uncle, hehe.
  6. Can try my painters whom ive been using for my clients, fast and responsible.never given me headache before. Original paint, 5 room resale 1150, 4 room resale 1100, 3 rooms 1000. new house 3 room 850 4 room 950 5room 1050 pm me if needed contact
  7. My manager had did a cement screeded ground for retro concept and was featured in magazines years before! The flooring did cracked and had to hack off every of the cement screeded ground and the tiler manage to redo it perfectly. And i've been using the tiler for quite awhile, frankly speaking, i only trust him than the other tiles whom had been giving me headaches
  8. I suppose this is a new BTO flat. If so, yes u have to get the main haulage service guy to supply you with sand. As for the labour cost, it depends on the sq area of the house.
  9. Get back to the ID/ contractor you've engaged with. My pov is that is their negligence for not able to keep the place clean.
  10. If you like it then retain it, but of cus not those MRT flooring la... the china granite .. walan eh.. Btw, YOU CAN POLISH GRANITE.. but its much more costly than polishing the marble. Better than hack & lay right
  11. It can be hacked, its a prefabbed wall.. have to go through PE though. I bet the person who send permit to the HDB did not note that he will be hacking of the wall.
  12. Theres not prefab flats , just prefab walls. Yes some of them can be hacked, but must go thru PE. Most likely it will go thru.. the PE just stamp and take ur money nia.. 1500 is high~
  13. It depends on the situation. Normally if this happens, i will pour acid in it to 'soften' the cement then ask the plumber to use the electric auger. There was once my plumber broke 2 of the blades, he was quite pissed cus 'lose money' but i did give him some kopi money la..