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Js Lovely Home By Pinkwhale

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Today's highlight is my Suar Wood dining table :dancingqueen:

Let the pictures do the talking...






As it is a natural piece thus there are some area of imperfection, but I guess that's where the beauty lies, its the raw and imperfection that made it unique and you need to learn to accept and love it as it is :- just like ur spouse... hahaha...

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do... wub.gifwub.gifwub.gif

Hi Pinkwhale! This is exactly what my husband wanted! Can you share where you got this gorgeous piece from?


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oh nooo!! that really is very irritating..i really like the vintage kind too and wanted to get it, but hubby insist that it didn't fit our place..

Mr K must be thinking..pinkwhale renovating again??? tongue.gif

If you contact the seller, will they responsible for the dripping issue? If not, time to change another one.


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Plumbing work done, all the taps were installed. Just wanna share photos of the taps that I bought from wholesale faucet

So far so good for the taps, water flow is smooth and installation was smooth.



MBR Bathroom


Love them to the max so far :dancingqueen:

hi pinkwhale,

mind to share with me your blink blink tiles between top and bottom kichen cabinet, where did you get it?

also the diagonal tiles???

thx alot..


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Hi, I know it's been a long while since your reno but do you mind sharing K's contact? Thank you so much

My email is sarasamuel02@yahoo.com

Please scroll up to post 1014


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