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Had tried using Fong's service but unfortunately our appointment was FORGOTTEN !!! ****....

Fine, we took up Helping Hand which Fong bad-mouthed big time during the survey. We ended up with Helping Hand once and KNT at another time, they were ok. A young Malay supervisor of KNT, mentioned that something was "clicking" in a carton of ours and we found out that its our normal stationary.....no issue!

Appreciate it.


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I used KNT movers for my move last month. In a nutshell: Wasn't great for household goods. Piano moving was good though.

Saw their ad in the mailbox and read the reviews here.

Obtained my 3 quotes from different movers and KNT was the middle-priced; they weren't the most expensive but they weren't the cheapest.

I paid for both packing and unpacking services.

Mr Fong was decent and helpful. I decided to use KNT movers as Mr Fong said they would use all new boxes. I asked about buying insurance and was assured that KNT were "good enough to make good damaged items". So I didn't purchase any additional insurance.

Some new boxes were delivered the next day. Very prompt. But no bubble wrap or wrapping paper to wrap my personal items. Despite repeated calls/SMSes and promises of immediate delivery, no one delivered them. In the end, Mr Fong kindly delivered them to my place, after nearly a week and a half.

Packers were punctual in arriving which was brilliant. Supervisor broke my teapot whilst packing. But it wasn't costly so I didn't say anything.

Recycled boxes were used to pack my stuff. I was suprised and asked why as I had been told new boxes would be used. The packers said they didn't know as someone else had loaded the boxes into the lorry. Called Mr Fong and he gave me the same story. So much for accountability. Ended up having to use recycled boxes to pack my clothes which weren't strong and collapsed when other boxes were placed on top. I wasn't impressed. But I was assured by the packers that they were clean.

Day of moving, packers again were on time. Moving items went without a hitch. Piano moving was done briliantly. They took good care of my 40 year old piano and piano was safe and sound.

Unpacking wasn't so great. One of the guys just dumped out stuff on the bed and put them on the floor. Filled all the floor space and in the end, I just told him to stop and said I'll unpack that room myself.

Another guy helped himself to the drinks in my fridge. Right in front of me. I don't know what he was trying to prove, even his colleagues asked him what he was doing but he just kept quiet and finished the drink. I had bought everyone cold (soft) drinks and food which were on the counter and told them to help themselves so this act was rather cheeky. I didn't want to make a fuss with that chap and so I let it slide.

There were other guys who were really helped to unpack and did their job well.

When I was presented with the bill, I wasn't very pleased to see that I was charged for the usage of the lift padding in my condo. Initial quotes from the other moving companies told me upfront if they would or would not absorb the cost of the lift padding. KNT movers never mentioned and just quietly put it in the bill without mentioning anything to me. Again, cheeky.

After the movers left (and I paid the fees), I found 2 cupboards damaged. One of my cupboard legs was split open and the other had a shelf which was very badly chipped and broken. Sent photos of one of the cupboards to Mr Fong who promised to get his supervisor to handle it but it has been over a month and no one has repaired or taken responsibility for it. Very very disappointing. In the end, I got my contractor to fix the leg but the damaged shelf couldn't be salvaged. Broken promises and furniture.

So would I use KNT movers again? Possibly not unless their pricing was very attractive. Oranje movers gave a better price and from the start said they would use a mixture of old and new boxes. So I would probably give them a go the next round.


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Give a call to Fong 97811521.Not to mention about special care, they can even handled to move a F1 car.


Thanks a lot for your recommendation. My daughter has just got a quote and confirmation with Mr.Fong this morning.

We did not really expect much as we are having two moves ready to be moving out from our present condo( The Regalia ) and some stuffs to their storage for six months.

As We will request them to send out our stuffs from their storage to our new address, after returning from my daughter oversea attachment at Tokyo.

I have contacted some movers at this forum, but my instinct told me that "I can't trust them, their works and their professionalism'.

But Mr, Fong did a good brief intro of KNT Movers profiles and projects that they have done so far including ,Residentials move,Government Schools move,Tan Tock Seng Hospital more, Singapore Pools relocation and Government Stat Board. Practically even before and after our "HOTTEST EVENT" in Singapore F1 racing !!

Well I should say his quote is resonable, perhaps they need to wrap up and dismantling and assemble back some of my big items..


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Do they transport piano as well?


it's always a wiser choice to check on the mover's professionalism for moving pianos because not every movers have the knowledge and skills to move pianos.

usually professional movers are able to move pianos with ease.

another thing to take note is check with them on their insurance liabilities if they damage the piano while moving/transit cos different companies offer different compensations.


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I and my wife have used them last month, we found the surveyor quoted us reasonably. Their work was fast and do take care of our belongings well.

The surveyor do understand our needs and even came on the day of move, to ensure things are under controlled.

I will strongly recommend KNT Movers.

My best friend has also confirmed their moving next week with them, that I strongly recommended him.


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Hi there,

Am moving to new place on 24 oct, still searching for movers. Was recommended by brother in-law to KNT Movers.

Did anyone use their service ?

Any comments is much appreciated.

Thank you in advance !


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