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and chose this checkered tiles for my kitchen entrance flooring border



thought of taking mosaic tiles for the (between dining & kitchen entrance flooring border), but ID said mosaic is hard to maintain the grout line haizz..


CraftBrick - Austin, CSI-093 for our bricks wall yeay!


we bought 12 cartons of them direct from the factory at Ayer Hitam, Johor Bahru

Hafary quoted us for $95/carton but factory quoted us RM85/carton ($35 Singapore dollars!)

so total we paid RM1, 020.00 inclusive FREE DELIVERY to my dad's JB crib at Larkin smile.gif

I spent only SGD500 for 12cartons craftbricks!excl.gif

5th Oct 12 - Another Appointment With ID, Electrical Workers & Window Grilles

Took another leave on Friday, as our ID need to re-confirm the false ceiling layout, hacking walls, additional&relocation of SCV & power points, wardrobe size, kitchen cabinets size and etc

and we have confirmed with Alex from alexwindow.blogspot.com to do our service yard sliding window 3panels, whole house grilles and 2 bi-fold toilet doors.

sample photo of the bi-fold door we chosed:


white and simple!excl.gif i loike!

not sure if this considered reasonable price or X excl.gif but I have tried my best to bring down the price to $1, 800/- for all the above works.

  • $600 for sliding window at svc yard (3 panels)
  • $700 whole house grilles (svc yard, living room, common bedroom & master besroom)
  • $500 for bi-fold doors (white powder coated with white acrylic)

Total: $1, 800.00

is this expensive??? :dunno:


Do you mind share the contact details for the CraftBrick and also the installer whom did for you in your unit?




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just a sharing, got my wall done by my contractor, workmanship is satisfied :)

What sort of materials you had for your wall, surface area and cost?

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Gonna collect from them in JB. Im gonna bring in the 9 cartons at one go...hopefully the custom officers dont fine me for it!

Got ur PM on the creative work by Serene...have emailed her to do some creative writin for me!


Love reading ur t-blog, mind sharing the add n person to look for the craft brick purchase in jb? Thanks!


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Hello carrotcakegirl,

You guys got a lovely house!

Do you mind sharing the contact of the craftbricks supplier in JB, and how you went about ordering them and who installed the bricks?

Mind sending me your ID, contractor and electrician contacts too?

Pls pm me. Thanks!

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