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  1. Zihui, thank you for the links. have a great weekend ahead.
  2. hi zihui, nice TB loots you have. May I have the link for the laundry bags you got? i likey the col combi thanks.
  3. very nice sunset view... likey it so much... are you doing any carpentry **** room area? post more pics when the granite top is up...
  4. Hi Desatans, do you mind to PM me the cost of the bathroom glass door? and the supplier who is able to do it? I am consider to change away my wooden bathroom door to a bi-fold door... came across your forum about glass bi-fold door. Interesting new product... Thank You.
  5. my vote goes along with lala81 too... hee... though i feel the mbr cabinets colours are quite "white"... may consider some beige or off-white col if it still suit your theme...
  6. Hi, welcome to renotalk... i prefer the Option 1 for both living room and MBR... feels cosier... happy reno...
  7. indeed its a reallie pretty house with all the bits n pieces done up to make it a cosy place to stay in. not sure if anyone has asked, where do you get the big mirror in the living area, beside the door one?
  8. thanks for the elaborative reviews of the IDs/Contractors.. it will be reallie useful for future new hseowners..
  9. hi redder, hope to see more pics of the house and enjoy the renovation journey.
  10. likey almost every part of your hse, espy the dining area and the ceiling. reallie pretty... the hse is very comfy too... congrats to your completion of the hse renovation... give yourself a "big" clap..
  11. Hihi, mrmerry, same as sleepbeauty, i'm also keen to know the price of LED downlights.. just started doing some research on lightings for the house... thanks in advance =)
  12. hi neighbor, i'm also interested in the grass door mat too... i want to do one too... congrats on ur hse reno.
  13. hi, v lovely hse deco... love your kitchen with the chalkboard design... i also quite like this bistro feel... btw, is your hse @ Fernvale area?! coz the mosiac tiles in the bathroom looks quite exactly like mine... ha...