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Day 19

Kitchen wall tiles up. Laying small tiles is really tough work.


Floor tiles partially up. Exactly the color we wanted.



Happy that the look is coming together!

Also bought toilet bowls and water heater from GR Link @ Jalan Besar. Did not comb Jalan Besar, we just zoomed into this store and bought since everyone said the prices at this store is really competitive already.

Arino Caprio 1-PC & Baron 1-PC WC which looks exactly the same as Caprio.

Baron has a new wc which looks exactly like Caprio but 2 ticks water efficiency, guessing the flush will be stronger, so we got that for the common bathroom.


Was recommended Ferroli 30L water heater. No preference on Ariston, Joven or Ferroli.

So just got this since it looks pleasing. But seems like not many are using brand of heater.


Hi there,

can you please feedback on your Baron WC, after using for many months. Is the flush good?

Do you have any idea / feedback from your other friends on Arino 3 ticks; because I am thinking which one to use?

Thanks in advance.


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mess starting to form in the living room.


Opted out of tiles and doors for the BTO.

Picked out floor tiles from Soon Bee Huat (on the right)


Overall, it will be white and wood theme for the house - skewed towards the scandinavian theme.

While people engaged ID and followed their advice wholeheartedly, we followed our feng shui master's advice wholeheartedly haha....

We need a lot of wood element for our home so it really fits in well with what we have in mind. Some examples like we asked if we could do cement screed but were STRONGLY discouraged, so we left that option out. We needed kitchen walls to be in green, so we are also overlaying the entire kitchen wall tiles with a green-blue shade tiles when we initially wanted to leave it white. Hope it turns out okay!

Hi congrats on your new nest. Happy Reno-Ing

Wanna check with you on the wood tiles, is it wood or just tiles that look like wood? If it's tiles do you know is it ceramic or homogenous?

The tiles gap looks thin and slim.


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count me the third person to compliment on your wood tiles and enquiring the same thing! the gap really looks small, do pm us the cost and info if possible! TIA! :good:


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Wood tiles for sale at all major tile centres. Harfary $4.50-15.50. Hup Kiong, Soon Bee Huat all carry.

Wood tiles are nice to look at, the only problem is the 'cold' feel whenever you step on it and thereafter the feeling of kena 'cheated'. While laminated wood is less resistant, they do not have that harshness (and cos they are hollow) and the actual wood itself creates the desire ambience.


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been 3 yrs plus since i moved in. 

Hope I'm sharing something useful - my taobao bathroom fittings/kitchen sink/tap has started to fall apart haha.

Not sure what I bought are authentic or not, so i won't comment on authenticity versus the lasting power. One thing for sure, super cheap coz made in China. 

Kohler Rainshowers sets - piped handles on the hand shower starting to loosen. Could probably work if i change the pipes. No leaks but nothing fantastic about the quality. Chrome has started to tarnish. Bought like $70 per full set of rainshower, dirt cheap!

Kohler Bathroom sinks/taps - the taps started to tarnish - beyond what polishing can remedy. It's the chrome peeling off. Water pressure became so small and one hot water mixer stopped working. Sinks do not have the right flow angle so some parts have 'ponding' issues. very minor but still, made me very doubtful of the QC. Maybe these are rejected Kohler products?

Bidet sprays - Use everyday but still working very well. But piped handles rusty.

Sellena sink - supposedly very good grade stainless steel. but rusty after a few use. Scrub every now and then to remove the rust. Utmost regret coz this is undermount sink. Too cheapo to afford a kraus sink back then. Didn't find this sink very well made too. 

Taobao Kohler kitchen tap - first pull-out tap, spoilt within 6 mths. pull out part went loose.

Second Arino kitchen tap (from Jalan Besar) - spoilt within 1 year. I conclude pull out taps are a waste of money unless you buy brands like hansgrohe because these are the real deal. I've seen people review after a year saying their hansgrohe or real Kohler one as good as new. 

I'm going to replace all the bathroom fittings by end 2016 since it's been some time since we've lived here and finances are a bit looser now.

Kitchen sink/tap will be replaced with blanco granite top mount sink - kind of digging the black granite look like instead of stainless steel. 

We take it as a chance to revamp the entire look and feel and to go shopping for home decor once more to update our home. 

Hope this taobao fittings review will help you guys out there. Absolutely encourage you guys to get decent bathroom fittings. Even Thailand made Grohe are better. :P

Just to add on about the wood tiles - yes, very cold, not warm or nice to step on. But I had tiles all my life I prefer it this way. I don't like the idea of mould growing below my feet below the laminate/vinyl flooring because those are waterproof, yes, but they are not mould proof. I also do not like to take extra care to mop/clean the floor. I knocked over my mopping pail once and just have to mop it up. I also have a kid now so also no worries about food/drinks spillage. Real wood flooring is very nice but makes me anxious...if that makes sense. haha.

Edited by mrsyap

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:o did the fittings seem sturdy when you first installed it? Yeah I've heard horror stories about the pull out taps. Should've done a normal tap and a bidet spray for mine haha! Now I just have a normal tap.


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yes, very sturdy when I first installed it. The stuff were all very heavy too so we didn't really doubt it. I won't say it's super lousy lah, since all are still in working condition today, can still work if you don't really keep harping on the thought that it's cheap and from taobao. lol. except for the pull out kitchen tap, everything lasted well. No leakage or issues. But of course if you see the chrome peeling off it's quite disturbing and tells you alot about the quality...

Edited by mrsyap

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