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  1. It's out of place and will break your interior composition.
  2. Wood tiles for sale at all major tile centres. Harfary $4.50-15.50. Hup Kiong, Soon Bee Huat all carry. Wood tiles are nice to look at, the only problem is the 'cold' feel whenever you step on it and thereafter the feeling of kena 'cheated'. While laminated wood is less resistant, they do not have that harshness (and cos they are hollow) and the actual wood itself creates the desire ambience.
  3. Hi, able to share this lobang? Where did u pick it up from?
  4. I would be happy with this quotation. Can you drop me a private message on the contractor's contact please?
  5. Agree. You haven't seen the worst, like files flying across the table to you. And it's real life, not just in movies.
  6. Anyone into scuba diving, or interested?
  7. OK all the big places we all know, but if boo looi - If no money, go Lombok - terrific beaches, nice ambiance (a good alternative to beer belly aussie-d Bali) If want some indochine flavour - Go Danang Vietnam then down to Hoi An for a nice yesteryear feel. If you want an out of the world beach but dun pay maldives price, go to Bantayan Island off Cebu (3hr drive) - check out their bamboo villa. I If broke until.. then go to Koh Lipe, connect via Hat yai. It's called the Maldives of Thailand with nice island flavour cafes and stays. If REALLY broke until... then Yogjakarta, stay at the kampung resort D'Omah, visit yesterday city and wish for a kid at the world famous Borobudor temple.
  8. Regardless, your home will look like a prison cos cats can narrow out grilles easily, as long as head can go through, rest of body can. Therefore only squared pattern grilles left but it will make your home look like Alcatraz. That's why Im thinking twice if I want to keep a cat.
  9. Otherwise contact http://tcc.org.sg/ All you need is a clean credit burea check (no or little outstanding debt) and sureties. Good luck.
  10. Hi folks, anyone knows where is a good place to acquire granite stone titles, both regular oblong and irregular kinds as picture? Some samples as follows. Thanks for a heads-up.