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All rubber are toxin and should be minimised from usage in our home. The compressed wood that carpenter use are also toxin because chemical gassing. Currently there’s no standard labeling system for VOCs, but many manufacturers offer a low or no VOC option. Formaldehyde, one of the best known VOCs, is surprisingly common in new home construction. Luckily, it happens to be one of the few indoor air pollutants that can be readily measured. Air monitoring is one approach that can help prevent adverse effects of exposure to volatile organic compound. Vinyl flooring in open space is safer than in a confined area. Just my 2 cents of opinion.


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Hmm...recently went to evorich for vinyl flooring and they quoted me 6.5 psf, i mention to them about the vinyl pvc stuff, but they say their is different and no smell, they even show me that the kindergarten are using it, they also do show me certificate that they complie with some singapore authority (forgot the name) that their vinyl flooring is not toxin, anyone can help to enlighten more on this?

It is not toxin for the first year but how about a few year down the road. Nowaday even the cupboard smells bad and it has to be aired in the sun for a week to eliminate the chemical smell.


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Some flooring has cert that state low level/safety level of emission ,

Release is release la , you mean take poison lil bit is ok !??

Wake up your idea dealers.


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