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Which? the 3rd draft? haha.. actually. the more i look at it, the more i love it.. im like tt one.. so fan jian. WAHAHA..


HEHEHE!!! yup yup.. i am those type with obsessive person. I want something, i will dig it out until i find it..

Okie. first replica, by spaceman. Those considering to buy from Singapore, head down to courts. they have it there.. only thing is that this one can only pull out to 2m.


But when i called the owner to see if it can be ordered and where can i find it other than courts, he said if i wanted, i have to order as its made overseas. AH!!! haha.. tt got me thinking..

*anyone here watch russell peters?*

If he makes it overseas, most likely china. then i definately can find it in CHINA! WAHAHAHAH!!!

So i started to go crazy and look for it in taobao. I finally found it!!!



Its only.... LESS THAN S$ 500!! This is also calculating the shipping back to sinapore! item itself is S$350. domestic shipping is estimated to less than S$100 and shipping back is only S$56!!!!


Hi Ningning, could you share the TB link for this? thanks!


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I guess ningning no longer access here. :(

Just to share with those who are interested in getting the expandable table, I've been searching high and low for similar table and I found it at Courts last weekend.

Perhaps you might wanna take a look there.


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Hi Ning,

Any review on the toilet vanity and cabinet set? Any installation difficulty? Want to buy but afraid the piping from China and Singapore may not match.



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Hi Ning Ning (or anybody?), not sure if this is still active, but I've noticed that there was an update on Johnny's contact in 2015. Can check and confirm if the contact is still valid or have changed? if it's changed, can PM me his new number? TIA

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Hi All,

Happened to see people asking for the extendable table link here and I am also interested it (but have not order it because the shipping fees can be quite high).

In addition, some of the reviews indicated the table might have minor damage/dented during shipping.

Below are the two sellers' links for our reference.




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On Thursday, March 31, 2016 at 8:21 AM, xiang38 said:

Can I have the link for the taobao extendable table, thks. 


Don mind, can you paste it here so that more can benefit. Thanks! 

Hi Xiang38,

Don't u see someone has already pasted the link above your post? Just click it and u will see the table!!


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