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Lush Furniture Service

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My mum and I had bought a sofa and 4 pieces of dining chairs from them before. It was delivered on time, and also on a Saturday which we had requested for. Overall, there was no issue and we are satisfied with their service.

very hard to believe one post wonders.


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I know what you mean. We had a similar experience as well (with another furniture place). Many places think that by agreeing to a refund they have solved all the problems and should no longer be held accountable. But what really frustrates us is the amount of time and effort already wasted on them. And at the end, having to start your search all over again! They can give refunds or vouchers or cash but nothing can compensate the trouble they put us through.

We wrote about our experience here: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/64311-bad-experience-with-online-furniture-shop-castlery/?hl=castlery

Though of course, there are those who 'support' the place that in our experience was a screw up: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/64368-great-experience-with-online-furniture-shop-castlery/?hl=castlery

Hope you managed to find stools in time for your CNY festivities! At least at the end of all the nonsense, we walk away wiser and with a word of warning for other renotalkers.

I totally agree with you that many places put you through so much hassle and give false promises and at the end of the day after lots of frustration and to and fro-ing they think that a refund will absolve them of any responsibility and make them any less culpable.

I am only in the middle of my renovations and I have already had so many bad experiences to date (from furniture to lighting- big and small companies alike). Other than time, money and opportunity cost wasted, the worst consequence of all these experiences is the stress that has led to numerous unnecessary quarrels with my partner as we inevitably end up blaming each other for choosing a particular company which caused us the headache and disappointment. Even my parents do not recall these poor business practices from when they did their own home renovation many years ago and they are shocked and are now of the opinion that times have indeed changed from when people used to take more pride in their business.

I do not wish to name names at this point until I start my own T-blog after my renovation is complete as some of these companies have either yet to refund me my money or resolved the situation. Also, I do not want to jeopardise my chances of getting my money back should they come to know that I've named them on Renotalk! We need to support one another and maybe start a sticky list of shops/suppliers to avoid so that other homeowners will not also fall prey to such despicable business practices.

Ok i feel much better now after adding my two cents to this discussion. Peace out! :)


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I wrote this long rant about Lush and their horrible customer service. But my situation isn't resolved yet so I will amend first and update once I get a replacement or refund back. But urgh, don't buy from them if you have a choice.

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This company is extremely unreliable and dishonest, I would suggest against buying from them.

We bought a $3000 mattress from the showroom and paid in full. However, they failed to deliver on the promised date, and failed to even inform us that the item was not coming. When we called to check, they claimed that they had some problem with the mattress and tried to persuade us to change our mattress to another brand. We rejected the change and asked for a refund.

They agreed to provide a refund within 4 weeks, but no refund was received even after 6 weeks. Upon multiple calls and emails, the customer service person said that the refund has not yet been signed off, and we'd have to continue waiting.

We are planning to proceed to file a complaint with CASE and possibly with the small claims court.

We urge other customers who have received unfair treatment from this company to file claims with the authorities (CASE, police) so that they can be properly investigated for poor business practices.


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Please do not get from LUSH Furniture. The aftersales is horrible!

They promised (of course, sales) that my sofa will arrive in 4-6 weeks, meaning latest by 5th Oct.

I messaged on 3rd Sept, to get a sense of the delivery, in hopes it will arrive by the 4th week. They mentioned 28th Sep to 5th Oct. & I have to chase many times! The Lush aftersales said they will update later/tmr/monday but they NEVER EVER DID and I have to keep asking for updates.

On 5th Oct, I asked again if there are updates because I need to take leave for delivery. They called me (Oh, finally) that the item has not even been made. WOAH. Bear in mind that I have been asking for updates since 24th sept still.

28th Sept, she said "Container arriving this week. Once I got arrival notice, then I will update expected to arrived anyday this week."

3rd Oct, I asked for updates, she said she will update me in a while. NEVER DID AGAIN, what's new.

5th Oct, the last day of expected delivery, behold what she has to tell me!
THE SOFA IS NOT MADE! Factory has no material. & if the delivery is made on the 14th Oct, it will arrive end of the month. That's 3 more long dreaded weeks of surviving without a sofa.

She also promised that delivery of my dining chairs (delivered separately from my sofa) will be done on 10th October after 6pm. On the 9th, I asked for confirmation. She told me they cant do the delivery. And requested for 2-5pm on Monday 12th Oct.
I sitting here from 2-5pm at home, and guess what? The delivery never arrived. She called and said there was mis-****ing-comm and that they can only send tomorrow morning. Let's see...


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