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Any Recommendation For Good Movers?

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Lorry transport and moving service
91820850 (24/7)

Specialist in doing transport for company/shop delivery service and relocation movers services for homes and commercial properties
As a registered transport business with Excellent Service always ready to serve you

Our 15 ft trucks(box) can provide you with 
- free boxes (for household/office relocations)
- free quotation/site survey and free wrapping service
- Household, office and factory relocation
- Removal/transport service for events and exhibitions
- Packing & Unpacking Service
- Disposal Service
- Transport Service (Rental with Drivers) 
- Manpower Supply Service
- Unstuffing of Containers Service

Call to discuss for your flexible moving services!


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Join 46,923 satisfied homeowners who used renotalk quotation service to find interior designers. Get an estimated quotation

Would like to warn all folks here about this mover. If only my friend look thru this forum before engaging the movers cos the one they used sucks. The company is Premier Transport and Mover Services at 22 Sin Ming. The sales guy and supervisor name is Alex **82799482**. This Alex charged them $880 to move their stuff from a Holland 3 rm flat to Jurong East and did not complete the job. The movers supposed to come another day to move the rest of the stuff and help setup his teak wardrobe, wooden bed but did not keep to their promise. Have also damaged some of their stuff. Have been siaming my friend's call for more than 3 weeks. Called the company, the secretary said boss always overseas, can only call Alex to settle. They ding dong him here and there but did not solve his problem. Poor guy now don't have a bed to sleep. The worst thing is he run out of budget and have 2 young children to look after. My friend and his wife are very nice and kind couple. Probably too nice thus bully by these ppl. This Alex is really very heartless and evil, I hope nobody will use them. FYI, this company charges by hr. On the surface looks cheap but I think the workers take their own sweet time to do the job. Thats how they con ppl money like what they did to my friend. Be careful of such unscrupulous company.  Anyway some of our friends and I came out with some money to help him out. Hope the mover we use from the recommendations in this forum will be better.


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Hey LynaChong

If you are planning to move from one location to another you must search out for some critical indicators depending upon the type of relocation. Relocation or Movement might be within the city or maybe town, different town or city or it is usually across the country. It is very necessary to offer the complete knowledge and information for the place to make your transactions easy and sleek.
I am stating about my own point of view and that I, myself, feels worried when it cmes to being cheaper. Iv experienced cheap things ended up being unkind to me.So its recommended to opt for the service who are reliable and more beneficial to you. In have come accross many service provider who were fake and was fooling around .So avoid being fooled by someone for just a matter of few rupees. I have found some links which can be quite useful to you without any breakage of your luggage.
Here they are:
An established mover packer provides successful new house purchase companies. The item diligently scrutinizes just about every moment fine detail of the house moving desires in the customers as well as makes use of their expertise in order that it can offer these companies on the customers which might be just outside of compare.

Everyone want avail the cheap and greatest amenities. Although ways to locate cheapest and greatest products and services, can be a trouble.

You should have the knowledge about availability of classes, distance of schools, finance institutions availability, doctor and medical facilities availability on the place you are relocating as well as other facilities which are importance to get a smooth living .




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I have tried helping hands - not bad. but end up add on this and that.. was about 50% more expensive than i budgeted.

but i like the idea of helping the under privilege.


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Used cheapest movers for my recent moving Dec 2015. I paid $1100 for moving my 25 years of stuff and and disposing of several of my furniture with includes a upright piano and a large bed attached to a study table. Got 40 boxes for $2.50 each which was refunded after giving back the boxes 2 weeks after moving. Had quotation from two more companies but cheapest movers was cheaper by abt $150-$300. Their disposal rate was cheaper.

Very professional on the dot people. Always came right on time whether to provide the boxes, move or collect back the boxes. Even when moving day was a Sunday early morning they came right on time. On moving day abt 4-5 guys came and wrapped all my stuff professionally and started on the moving and disposing. The boss called me during the moving and checked if everything was going fine. Nothing damaged from moving.

Overall a hassle free and professional experience


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Please do not use the service by this guy called Henry huzhiq5@hotmail.com

Very unreliable chap who does not seem to plan

his mover schedule well. I have made contact with him more than a month before my moving out date and managed to negotiate a reasonable package for moving my items. As there is quite a number of items to be moved, it was agreed a few trips will be required and the price was quoted based on that. I have everything black and white as in our email exchange. A week and even a couple of days before the actual moving out day, I even sent an email followed by a Sms to remind him and confirm the moving on the scheduled day and he readily replied no problem!

The day before my actual moving out, he dropped me a Sms asking if I only have a single trip. I was shocked as I thought all along in our email exchanges, it was a total of a few trips as agreed. How come he suddenly pretended to be ignorant. I called him but he did not want to give a definite answer on whether he can take on the job. Out of frustration, my fiancée made a phone call to him. He started saying he can't do all the agreed trips and only can managed a couple. I felt this guy is either really insincere to even bother to take note of his schedule (maybe he has already taken on another job) or too absent minded to even remember about his business. I followed up with another phone call. He started giving all sorts of excuses, saying he cannot anticipate how long each trip will take, how far is the distance from the unloading point to the house so I cannot blame him if he cannot fulfil all the trips since he has another client to attend to in the afternoon. After that, he accused me of telling him there are multiple trips the very last min. I found him a joke and totally ridiculous. How could his story become so far-stretched? I asked him exactly how many trips are confirmed so that if he cannot do the rest, I have to resort to a backup plan. Then he started saying he never say he cannot do the rest, just that he cannot confirm how many trips he can do within his permitted schedule. I was annoyed. I told him he should at least let me know from his professional experience how many trips he can do. There's no way I will run a risk of getting myself into trouble if I cannot move out of my house on time just because of a mover that can't even understand the client's requirement. Anyway at the end of this irrational heated exchanges, I decided to cancel my service with him. I rather pay more or extend my moving out by a week to get myself a trustworthy and professional mover than to enthrust my belongings to someone who does not seem to be able to take care of his own bread and butter.

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First and foremost, i would like to tell the readers here that Mr Andy Tan just texted me full of vulgarities asking me to take this post down about his company. Not just at Renotalk but other Forums too. He was also threatening me that he is going to sue me if the posts are not taken down by tomorrow.

And as for the reply from 'Mr Andy Tan', i do believe this is not your typing behind that computer due to your poor constructive language skills. Knowing the actual person behind the company, i know for a fact that his English is bad. Some sort of like a poor, uneducated barbarian. I believe this to be the typing of your sinlings or your daughter. Anyway, this is no 'hate motivated plan' of mine to ruin the image of your company. What im speaking is just the truth to create an awareness to the readers regarding the unfair practices that your company had.

Please do be honest to yourself once in awhile. It was not the truth that you are the one who let me go. The actual fact is that you and my colleagues already knew that i was already planning on moving on and looking for other jobs. Why dont you tell the whole world the truth that it was you who is going to offer me a full time job upon finding out from a colleague of mine that i was planning on leaving for a search of full time job.

Its no use hiding the truth from the readers here and making up inconceivable lies about me to save the company's reputable image. You know that i have been a huge asset to your company and you want to keep me around for long. The unexpected betrayal by me which has led to this post certainly upset you, therefore, making you be so defensive about your company.

I have contacts of different perspective customers of yours that thinks i work in a professional manner and that my customer service was excellent. Every job that i have done for you, i never fail to take pictures of the order form so thats where the contacts came from. So, its quite odd isnt it, coming from you stating that i am aggresive when its actually you who always start fight with your customer. I may work for you for a long time now but it has always been me trying to calm customers down due to your unfair practices. You may be the owner of your own company but if you treat your customers as badly as stated, they will cease to call you for their next move.

While my reason is genuine to let people know about your company's practices, i bear no grudges against you or anyone else. In fact, ive always been happy to have been working with great colleagues. Its the lies that i have to tell almost everyday working to cover up for you that makes working unpleasant for me. Im a man of integrity and that is something that you lack alot and i dont like to be a part of these scheme to scam people as i work. And that my friend, is the reason i left the company. If i have been upholding my personal vendette and grudges against you, i would have already reveal to your existing customer whenever you have the chance to deceive them at that point of time.

Oops, im sorry. Actually, me and some of your workers already did that to some of your customers at some occasion. Some customers are really nice to us that we just dont have the heart to deceive them. So at some occasion when you ask of me and my colleagues to make their items fit in more than one lorry, we actually did. But when you are not around with us, we charged the customer as one lorry even their items uses up more than one lorry and that is because that first lorry, we didnt stack as high. Trust me, Mr Andy Tan, it is not just me who feels this way. Some of my colleagues who still are presently working for you also feels that way too

I have a Diploma and i have learn some social and legal issues and i know for a fact that you cant sue me for telling people the truth. So be it as may, i wish you all the best in whatever you are pursuing and i hope you learn to be mature as your almost twice my age.

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Hi Mr 'Zee', I am Andy. How are you? I believe that you are also the same person who emailed me to inform that the reputation of our company and myself have been ruined by the above circulation. By using another name on the Internet and making a lot of damaging and disturbing remarks on myself and the company, you seemed to "work very hard" on your hate-motivated plan to create a bad business image of the company on this great interactive platform for genuine customers and contractors. I would like to say that such deliberate and insensible acts were uncalled for. Though I know your true identity but I am not going to reveal your real name here to respect and protect your privacy. I would only like to explain again that our final decision for not letting you to work with us was a painful but inevitable one. Please understand that your colleagues and our customers had feedback to us on your poor attendance, aggressive and unsatisfactory working attitudes. If you are in my position, what will you do? Being in business for over 20 years, our company's success lies on the continued support and unwavering trust of every new and existing customers. We delivered what we promised, we always show up on arranged date, and that's why people trust us in moving their valuable items. To do that, we have to always preserve the internal unity and cordial relations among the workers, in order to uphold our high service standard to all our satisfied and appreciative customers. I trust that everyone reading this is unprejudiced and fair in your views. Mr 'Zee', despite your personal grudge and targeted online acts towards me and the company, I still sincerely hope that your hatred and revengeful acts would stop and move forward with your life. I wish you all the best and have a very good future ahead. Thanks everyone for reading this. Everyday is a good day!


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Hi, i am Zee and i am a mover specialist. I have been working with a lot of different transportation companies be it local move and international move like Allied Pickfords, K.C Dat, Alliance Movers, Elite Movers, Superior Movers and Akhbar Movers. Out of all these companies, i've been sticking with Superior Movers for a long time because the company is based in Yishun, Singapore and its most convenient for me as i reside around the area too.

Throughout my course of work with Superior Movers, i have had my ups and downs with the company. So im here to raise an awareness to the public regarding this company's good and bad qualities before anyone makes a decision that could be either beneficial or even worst encounter for them. The good thing about us is that we are very fast because every workers are on the ball and have their different lives to live so all of us workers have a ' the faster you do your work, the faster you go home ' mentality and our customer service is quite good because the supervisor is friendly and interacts with most of the client well.

However, behind that fast pace and good customer service skills that the workers have, there is a big, fat, cheating, manipulating boss who is always there to put money ahead of everything name Andy Tan. Usually, when we do small jobs meaning if its a job that requires one lorry full load or lesser, the boss will not be around. If there is a job that requires more than that, most of the time he will be around to supervise. How and why did he supervise? It is because thats a good opportunity for him to cheat clients into paying him more money than he actually quoted them for the move.

Usually, when he quoted a customer, he will just tell them what they actually want to hear in terms of price and the lorry needed to move all their items. Customer will definitely agree when they hear that all their items can occupy just ONE lorry and the fixed price per lorry that they have to pay but what they dont know is that all that are just lies. On the actual day of the moving itself, if the items cant fit into one lorry, what choices does the customer has? Imagine if you already have half your belongings already loaded up in one lorry, would you leave the other half at home to move other time or just take another lorry? Of course, you would have no choice but to take another lorry too. And when you need that additional lorry, Andy is always there with the lorry because on this occasion that theres a chance to manipulate a customer, he will always release two, three lorry to the same place to standby.

Now, some of you will be asking whether these clients retaliated. Of course, they do. Everyone always fight for their rights. But, when they do, Andy usually will put up a disappearences act and ask his supervisor to handle. Calls made to him will be ignored. However, if the case gets out of hand, then he will finally step up and show his face to the client and twist their words around in a manipulating and deceitful manner. If the is a need to get violent, he is one who will never backs down from it. If those customer really insist on wanting only one lorry and requires us to just load their big items only, then Andy will show his displease by throwing tantrum and handle the clients items with carelessness and drop them purposely and tell the workers to ignore the clients' request and just load up whatever that is around us. That is how he played his part being the owner of the company. The other only time he will ever show his face around customer is when the job is done and he wants to collect the payment.

If you think that i'm done, i'm sorry but that is not all. I'm not done with some of his 'responsibilities'. Earlier when i mention his disappearing act of not showing his face around customer unless things get out of hand, now, i'm going to reveal what he does when he wasnt around the customer. If its a job from HDB or condos, he will be at ground floor, supervising the workers on how to stack the items. Different company have different ways of stacks. For Superior Mover, we stacks the boxes and loose items on a trolley as high as 1.7m ( average human height ) and we use the shrink wrap to hold the items firmly with the trolley and when we stack, we just load up with the trolley. Our lorry is 3.3m. So there is an amount of spaces at the top even when we load up those respective trolleys. One lorry, we estimate about 15 trolleys to make a full load and usually when Andy is not around, we use that empty spaces at the top to put non-heavy items like small mattress or dining chairs or even some loose items and the top to fill up the space.

However, when Andy is around, he will ask us to leave it empty and at the end when almost all 15 trolleys are up, he will instruct us to cover it up by putting a king or queen mattress to block client's view from seeing what is inside and to cover up the empty spaces. Therefore, by doing so, customers will be left with no choice but to take more lorries. From 350 to 400 per trip that clients have to pay from what Andy quote, usually, they will end up paying 750-800 or 1150-1200.

The reason i reveal the nature of Superior Movers wrongdoings is because i feel sorry for being a part of this horrible boss' scheme and at the same time, by obliging to Andy's style of work, the workers and sufferring as we have to do more work and initially when we could have done it the 'short-cut way' and efficient way.

Lastly, i will give you an example of a chinese doctor who got cheated by Andy who i feel most sorry for. The doctor lives in a 3 storey terrace house with a basement. Andy quote him 1 lorry for $480, if I'm not wrong because theres staircarry involved and he quoted the doctor for 1 1/2 lorry. But in the end, the doctor have to pay up for 5 lorry full. However, there is one more agenda hiding behind this. There were 4 superior mover lorries present at that time and in reality, we loaded up 4 lorries. Andy sees that this is a good opportunity for him to earn more money due to the client's soft and good hearted nature, he lied to the client saying that we have 5 lorries and all 5 of them are full when we only have 4. The way he does it is because terrace house usually is cramp and we cant park all 4 lorries together so all the lorries have to be park far ahead from each other and customer dont even know how many lorries were present. That is how my employer, Andy cheats off his customers.

I strongly feel sorry for the doctor because he paid more than $2000 that day for the house move. Not only him, but to other clients too that has been ripped off by Superior Movers. Honestly, we have quality movers working here but its the bad boss that makes the company look bad. Maybe some of our clients know about this and maybe some might get a shock upon reading. Whatever the outcome, i just want to apologise on behalf of Superior Movers workers as we all feel bad for what we are instructed to do.


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Items to move

150 carton boxes (put a deposit of $150 for 150 boxes which was unprecedented);
(2 tables, 8 chairs, 8 plastic stools, 1 chaise lounge, 2 storage cabinets. Samla and Slugis boxes);
bedrooms (side cabinet, drawer cabinet, bedside cabinets, 2 mattresses & 1 sofa bed);
kitchen & laundry
(fridge, hob, hood, laundry baskets & household cleaning items in buckets)

electronics (Panasonic Plasma TV, Asus desktop, Asus monitor)
(paid extra $90 for 3 clothing racks)

Date of Move: Saturday 13 June, 8am

Completion of Move: 3pm (7 hours!!!)
Cost: $1628 (excluding deposit of S$150 for carton boxes)

Rating: :angry2: :angry2: :angry2: :angry2: :angry2:


We won't recommend
CitiMap Movers Singapore after what happened at last Saturday move which took 7 hours (8am to 3pm) to complete plus the stress of dealing with rude, difficult, uncooperative and unprofessional movers. No team work. And too many smoke breaks.

Citimap or Storage Movers?
We are not sure if CitiMap Movers Singapore has sub-contracted out this job to SuperStorage Movers.

First, we were to put $150 deposit for 150 carton boxes (which wasn't the case when we hired Citimap all these time), and were given a mixture of Citimap and SuperStorage Movers carton boxes.

On the day of the move, the
CitiMap Movers Singapore rep wore SuperStorage Movers polo shirt which added to our speculation.

Where Is The Move Supervisor?!
In the past, the move supervisor would introduced himself and discuss the move plan. For the past few moves, the supervisors were given the move plan, and we also pasted the move plan in the lift car so they could refer to these plan where to put the items.

This time round, no one came to introduce himself as the supervisor. When I came out of the bedroom to the hall, it was obvious that the movers had been smoking in our apartment! The movers were obnoxious. They were commenting in Hokkien (thinking that we do not understand) and made many rude comments in Hokkien.

"Don't know how to read labels"

We have even printed labels to highlight which carton boxes are heavy, fragile or delicate which should not be stacked. When we reminded them, they retorted that they do not know how to read the labels, and that we should not teach them how to move. :(

Rough Handling
A few carton boxes were already showing signs of strain upon reaching our temporary location. 2 carton boxes gave way.

I do not wish to speculate what is the condition of the 29 carton boxes of tableware, serve ware and glassware that are packed for storage to be moved in about 5 months' time.

Not Prepared To Wrap Furniture

The previous teams for our other moves were well prepared and wrap the items beyond our expectation with thick fabrics, recycled mattress covers, duvets, bubble wrap and cling wrap.

This time, w
e are very disappointed with how our furniture were handled.

This team of movers are not experienced and yet proud. They are ill prepared. Just as well we have a few spare mattress covers and duvets, and they used them to wrap our furniture for the move!!

For our previous move, every piece of dining chair and furniture are well taken care of and properly wrapped.

This time, the 6 chairs on wheels were not wrapped and they were rolled along the void decks! The bar stools were not wrapped either and placed on the walkway. :angry2: Dining table, work desk, Oriental bedside cabinets, Ikea storage cabinets were not properly wrapped; corners were not protected. :angry2: Same for fridge too. :angry2:

No Team Work
If there is a supervisor, then he's not able to get his guys to work together - carton boxes were not stacked as marked, carton boxes haphazardly stacked.

Throughout the day, we have to bear with terrible attitude of the movers. :unsure:

I was so stressed out by the behavior and attitude of the movers that I took a break in the car to cool myself down.

Trolley Left Unattended At Lift Lobby

When I got back from the car, I chanced upon a trolley of 6 carton boxes randomly stacked and a $700 ironing system left unattended to at the ground floor lift lobby!!! :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:

After that, we stationed ourselves at 3 checkpoints just to make sure our stuff were taken care of, and not to mention, bear with their rude comments in Hokkien that they thought we don't understand. :angry2:

The movers said that we are fussy and they have never come across such detailed labeling of carton boxes. It goes to show that this bunch of clowns have not handled big move or office move before.

We are not movers by profession but have moved many times enough to know what to expect.

For our 3rd major move, which was also handled by Citimap, the items were packed for 18 months storage and the move went on as planned; boxes stacked accordingly for the move in 18 months' time. Thus this move with 80% that are meant for 5 months storage is easy by comparison. However, Citimap has failed us this time.

Updating Past Recommendation

In the past, it has always been Kenny who arranged for our move and we have been singing their praises and recommending them. However, after what we have experienced, we are revisiting all the forum recommendations and updating them with the latest. Thus, I'm putting this down to remind ourselves why we won't be recommending Citimap in future.

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