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Any Recommendation For Good Movers?

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RafflesMover is a Singapore registered company established in 2008, registration No. 201012621.

With 10 years of industry experience, we now possess several lorries, all of our staff are well-trained and are highly professional and responsible.

Our aim: Professional Service + Reasonable Price = 100% Customer Satisfaction.


Our Service: House Moving/Delivery/Company Moving/Furniture Assembly and Disposal


Provide free wrapping service, no hidden cost!!!


Please call/sms/whatsapp to 97866926

Email: rafflesmover06@gmail.com


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I have found my mover via this portal SingaporeHomeServices.com

The company I engaged is Seng Hong Brothers Transport, which I think they are good and very helpful.

I did not even need to worry about the packaging, they provided with carton boxes and helped with all the packaging necessities. 

After that they will help you deliver safely to your place, no sweat at all. Anyways or another it is best to do your own research and find your IDEAL VENDOR.

If not you will get no where with too many choices, haha.


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On 11/9/2015 at 2:12 PM, Gooddayeveryone said:

Hi Mr 'Zee', I am Andy. How are you? I believe that you are also the same person who emailed me to inform that the reputation of our company and myself have been ruined by the above circulation. By using another name on the Internet and making a lot of damaging and disturbing remarks on myself and the company, you seemed to "work very hard" on your hate-motivated plan to create a bad business image of the company on this great interactive platform for genuine customers and contractors. I would like to say that such deliberate and insensible acts were uncalled for. Though I know your true identity but I am not going to reveal your real name here to respect and protect your privacy. I would only like to explain again that our final decision for not letting you to work with us was a painful but inevitable one. Please understand that your colleagues and our customers had feedback to us on your poor attendance, aggressive and unsatisfactory working attitudes. If you are in my position, what will you do? Being in business for over 20 years, our company's success lies on the continued support and unwavering trust of every new and existing customers. We delivered what we promised, we always show up on arranged date, and that's why people trust us in moving their valuable items. To do that, we have to always preserve the internal unity and cordial relations among the workers, in order to uphold our high service standard to all our satisfied and appreciative customers. I trust that everyone reading this is unprejudiced and fair in your views. Mr 'Zee', despite your personal grudge and targeted online acts towards me and the company, I still sincerely hope that your hatred and revengeful acts would stop and move forward with your life. I wish you all the best and have a very good future ahead. Thanks everyone for reading this. Everyday is a good day!

You are full of **** Andy - Im a paying customer and you were 3 hrs late for my job. You under quoted me and over charged me (1.5 trucks vs 3.5 trucks. Your guys broke my furniture and were dishonest about it. You were barely able to finish your job (becoz u were 3 hrs late). If it wasn't for my pleading with my condo mgmt - u would have never finished the job. U also under estimated my requirements for hanging clothes.....and u had the nerve to swear at me when I complaint . Worst removalist ever experienced. DO NOT TRUST THIS DIRTY CHEAT  

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On 11/3/2015 at 4:04 PM, ZeeTornedo said:

Hi, i am Zee and i am a mover specialist. I have been working with a lot of different transportation companies be it local move and international move like Allied Pickfords, K.C Dat, Alliance Movers, Elite Movers, Superior Movers and Akhbar Movers. Out of all these companies, i've been sticking with Superior Movers for a long time because the company is based in Yishun, Singapore and its most convenient for me as i reside around the area too.

Throughout my course of work with Superior Movers, i have had my ups and downs with the company. So im here to raise an awareness to the public regarding this company's good and bad qualities before anyone makes a decision that could be either beneficial or even worst encounter for them. The good thing about us is that we are very fast because every workers are on the ball and have their different lives to live so all of us workers have a ' the faster you do your work, the faster you go home ' mentality and our customer service is quite good because the supervisor is friendly and interacts with most of the client well.

However, behind that fast pace and good customer service skills that the workers have, there is a big, fat, cheating, manipulating boss who is always there to put money ahead of everything name Andy Tan. Usually, when we do small jobs meaning if its a job that requires one lorry full load or lesser, the boss will not be around. If there is a job that requires more than that, most of the time he will be around to supervise. How and why did he supervise? It is because thats a good opportunity for him to cheat clients into paying him more money than he actually quoted them for the move.

Usually, when he quoted a customer, he will just tell them what they actually want to hear in terms of price and the lorry needed to move all their items. Customer will definitely agree when they hear that all their items can occupy just ONE lorry and the fixed price per lorry that they have to pay but what they dont know is that all that are just lies. On the actual day of the moving itself, if the items cant fit into one lorry, what choices does the customer has? Imagine if you already have half your belongings already loaded up in one lorry, would you leave the other half at home to move other time or just take another lorry? Of course, you would have no choice but to take another lorry too. And when you need that additional lorry, Andy is always there with the lorry because on this occasion that theres a chance to manipulate a customer, he will always release two, three lorry to the same place to standby.

Now, some of you will be asking whether these clients retaliated. Of course, they do. Everyone always fight for their rights. But, when they do, Andy usually will put up a disappearences act and ask his supervisor to handle. Calls made to him will be ignored. However, if the case gets out of hand, then he will finally step up and show his face to the client and twist their words around in a manipulating and deceitful manner. If the is a need to get violent, he is one who will never backs down from it. If those customer really insist on wanting only one lorry and requires us to just load their big items only, then Andy will show his displease by throwing tantrum and handle the clients items with carelessness and drop them purposely and tell the workers to ignore the clients' request and just load up whatever that is around us. That is how he played his part being the owner of the company. The other only time he will ever show his face around customer is when the job is done and he wants to collect the payment.

If you think that i'm done, i'm sorry but that is not all. I'm not done with some of his 'responsibilities'. Earlier when i mention his disappearing act of not showing his face around customer unless things get out of hand, now, i'm going to reveal what he does when he wasnt around the customer. If its a job from HDB or condos, he will be at ground floor, supervising the workers on how to stack the items. Different company have different ways of stacks. For Superior Mover, we stacks the boxes and loose items on a trolley as high as 1.7m ( average human height ) and we use the shrink wrap to hold the items firmly with the trolley and when we stack, we just load up with the trolley. Our lorry is 3.3m. So there is an amount of spaces at the top even when we load up those respective trolleys. One lorry, we estimate about 15 trolleys to make a full load and usually when Andy is not around, we use that empty spaces at the top to put non-heavy items like small mattress or dining chairs or even some loose items and the top to fill up the space.

However, when Andy is around, he will ask us to leave it empty and at the end when almost all 15 trolleys are up, he will instruct us to cover it up by putting a king or queen mattress to block client's view from seeing what is inside and to cover up the empty spaces. Therefore, by doing so, customers will be left with no choice but to take more lorries. From 350 to 400 per trip that clients have to pay from what Andy quote, usually, they will end up paying 750-800 or 1150-1200.

The reason i reveal the nature of Superior Movers wrongdoings is because i feel sorry for being a part of this horrible boss' scheme and at the same time, by obliging to Andy's style of work, the workers and sufferring as we have to do more work and initially when we could have done it the 'short-cut way' and efficient way.

Lastly, i will give you an example of a chinese doctor who got cheated by Andy who i feel most sorry for. The doctor lives in a 3 storey terrace house with a basement. Andy quote him 1 lorry for $480, if I'm not wrong because theres staircarry involved and he quoted the doctor for 1 1/2 lorry. But in the end, the doctor have to pay up for 5 lorry full. However, there is one more agenda hiding behind this. There were 4 superior mover lorries present at that time and in reality, we loaded up 4 lorries. Andy sees that this is a good opportunity for him to earn more money due to the client's soft and good hearted nature, he lied to the client saying that we have 5 lorries and all 5 of them are full when we only have 4. The way he does it is because terrace house usually is cramp and we cant park all 4 lorries together so all the lorries have to be park far ahead from each other and customer dont even know how many lorries were present. That is how my employer, Andy cheats off his customers.

I strongly feel sorry for the doctor because he paid more than $2000 that day for the house move. Not only him, but to other clients too that has been ripped off by Superior Movers. Honestly, we have quality movers working here but its the bad boss that makes the company look bad. Maybe some of our clients know about this and maybe some might get a shock upon reading. Whatever the outcome, i just want to apologise on behalf of Superior Movers workers as we all feel bad for what we are instructed to do.


Thanks for enlightening us Zee. I don't know u - but as an ex-customer of Superior Movers I can vouch independently that u are being truthful as this happened to me (as a paying customer). Unfortunately I used Superior Movers in Sept this year for a move and I was quoted 1.5 - 2 trucks by that fat dirty cheat ANDY TAN but ended up paying for 3.5 trucks. So to get it wrong by that much he must be either cheating me/ mis-quoted on purpose/ or he must be really **** at his job.....(he clearly cheated me as I was too busy on the day to supervise both ends). To make things worst, I had a lot of clothes on hangers to be moved and I specifically asked him if he would provide the 'clothes hanger' moving boxes. He said "no worries" we give u moving racks on the day". On the actual date of the move he only had 2 'clothes hanger' moving racks (which was clearly not enough) and he refused to do another 'run', arguing that he warned me already when its his job to assess my requirements! To make things worst his guys cracked one of my picture frames (they just put a label on it to say it was cracked - it was  definitely NOT cracked when I had prepared all the items there that day. They also broke my daughter's toy wooden kitchen. My mistake was to fall for his cheap quote.  U have been WARNED!!!! DO NOT USE  SUPERIOR REMOVALS THESE DIRTY CHEATS. Its people like Andy Tan that give honest Singaporeans a bad name.  

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Brother Movers & Transportation

98538909 (Ben) / 94491818 (Marcus)


Can call and ask for quotation first. That time I have some items from store wanna move to my house, they actually wrapped up everything first, in order not to damage my stuffs, then move. Good and reasonable price. I think it is a newly startup company and wants to build up their reputation. Can say is "ah put" intro one, maybe can get some discount.


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To all, 

Please do not engage Trusted Moving Services. I repeat... do not engage them ! Poor services and want to cheat my small deposit. I have reported this to CASE because I feel they have taken me for a ride and it's not about the money, but it's about the principle of delivering what has been promised. Here is my experience with them : 

  1. 18/7 - Engaged them formally and requested for loan carton boxes. They offered but require $50 deposit. I paid and they sent the boxes to my home
  2. 28/7 - On the day of moving, I somehow had to just call them to find out the status (1 hour before) and only to be told it's raining at Orchard and that they will be late and I'll definitely miss my auspicious timing. I had to readjust my plan and head over to my new place 1st and therefore telling them to come later (being considerate to them). 
  3. 30/7 - Engaged them for another service which is to pick up 2 items at 2 different location that I have agreed with the 2 sellers between 10.30AM - 11.30AM, but unfortunately they failed to pick it up, and failed to update me the status until I started chasing them, only around 11.45AM that they told me their driver was in the police station (not sure how true this is...) but the damage was already done, as my 2 sellers were very upset as they waited whole morning for the pick up. I had to engaged another transporter to pick it up, but it was a hassle to find 1 in such a short notice and I had to pay extra ! 
  4. 30/7 - After this incident, I immediately told them to come collect the carton boxes next day 31/7 because I was very unhappy with their service.
  5. 31/7 - Reminded them again about the carton boxes collection and refund of deposit, they told me I needed to book 5 days in advance ! I was like WTF... this wasn't mentioned at all on 30/7 !!! Nvm, being a considerate person, I told them ok... 5 Aug 1PM - 3PM because I had to leave at 4PM to catch a 6PM flight (long weekend break). 
  6. 5/8 - Reminded them again in the morning, and they said will update me. By the time 2.30PM, I received SMS that they can't make it ! I was so pissed and they decided to use a SMS reply template message to reply all my messages after that and started ignoring my calls. 
  7. 10/8 - After back from my trip, I started bug them again because I really needed my space... finally they replied and say will settle this issue by picking it up next day 2pm - 4pm. I was like... WTF... I need to work ok, so I offered them their last chance which is to collect by Saturday 13/8 as I'll be home whole day. Seriously, whole day... I can wait, and I gave them anytime to come... but nOOOOOOooooOOOOooooo they are so busy that they can drop by and freaking collect the 20 carton boxes. When I told them off about their poor service and that they should be accommodating to my timing and not theirs, they ignored all my calls and SMS. 
  8. 14/8 - Decided to just tell them... Please enjoy my deposit as I'll be reporting to CASE on Monday morning and will be typing this review in every single forum in Singapore possibly can, to inform / advise everyone to stay away from TRUSTED MOVING SERVICES !!! 
  9. 15/8 - CASE have been lodged. 

Below are the details : 

54, Lorong 7 Realty Park, Singapore 536807
Contact # 97101153 / 83535862 / 85022242
Email : trustedmovingservies@gmail.com
Website : http://tmsmover.com/about-us/

I have already lodged a CASE report and will be waiting for an update from them. 


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HUA HAN TRANSPORT Lorry transport and moving service 91820850 (24/7) huahantpt@gmail.com

Specialist in doing transport for company/shop delivery service and relocation movers services for homes and commercial properties As a registered transport business with Excellent Service always ready to serve you

Our 15 ft trucks(box) can provide you with  - free boxes (for household/office relocations) - free quotation/site survey and free wrapping service - Household, office and factory relocation - Removal/transport service for events and exhibitions - Packing & Unpacking Service - Disposal Service - Transport Service (Rental with Drivers)  - Manpower Supply Service - Unstuffing of Containers Service

Call to discuss for your flexible moving services!

FOR YEAR 2016 we will give special discount for customers who engage us for ad hoc moving services on MONDAYS only! BOOK US NOW!


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if you are willing to hire movers and packers company then i would recommend to hire fast movers they have cheap rates and best service, last time i had to relocate with in city, i tried find quotes from many packer and mover companies, i found that this company was less quoted and served nicely, they have closed vehicles also to transport your tings from one place to another, you can check it out by your self by visiting their website. 


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