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  1. Hi, I just bought a resale flat and one of the former occupants of the flat was a chain smoker. I don't think there's anymore smoke smell... but not comfortable that there may be tobacco stains around. Any tips on how to cover the tobacco residue? I intend to redo the flooring with laminate and apply sealant to wall and repaint. All old furniture has been discarded. Will this be enough?
  2. Hi, if u still on renotalk, pls share your contractor details with me?
  3. Hihi, can share ur contractor detail with me? Thanks. The ID firms I approached all out of my budget even for simple reno.
  4. I've engaged this guy called James to change a lock. Also found on Google as I have no recommended contacts. He sounds professional. Will post a good review if he does the job well. EDIT All went well. He arrived on time and replaced the locks within 15 mins. Total for 1 letter box and 1 window grille was $85. Travel surcharge may apply if location is too far for him.
  5. Mine was unipac. They provide good service and price is reasonable. You can google online for their website and contact. I'm looking for info on invisible grille. Intending to install for living room windows. Any recommendation is appreciated. Thanks in advance!