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Our Self Designed Scandi-Minimalist Design Journey

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we have gotten our 4 rms BTO flat at greenleaf tampines. It has been in the news a while back for its poor workmanship and tons of defects so we were kinda sketical during key collection day on 2nd dec. haha

lucky for us, the defects are pretty minimal and they are implementing this tour thingy where the BSC contractor will walk the house with you to write down the defects so you dun have to write down yourself. so it is kinda a good thing.

the skirtings were a shade of dark brown and pretty hideous and we r considering whether to hack it or paint it over.

the flooring were a off white shade of yellow and the brown skirting make it even more obvious.

the kitchen flooring and walls were also a yellowish tint.. duno y hdb uses this kind of ugly tiles.. cheap perhaps?

2 months prior to the key collection date, i start to stalk renotalk and etc and try to come out with a design that i like. i like things simple and thus was fancinated by the japanese minimalist and scandanavian look. I want to keep the whole house to a 60 percent white, 30 percent wood and 10 percent black color combi and maybe a bright color funiture to pop the colors in the living room

i am a 3D artist by profession so i spent countless night trying to find the right funitures and look. i intend to find a contractor instead of an ID since i have the design. hopefully it will be cheaper since i am on a budget as well.

i came up with the following concept.




now while the BSC is fixing up the defects, we am finding a contracter. trying not to rush and find a lousy one , espcially after seeing so many horror stories on disaster renovation on renotalk and fb.

hope u like it =)


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Wow...you are amazing..your 3D is so nice...haha totally agree you no need to get ID le..can just get contractor to do for you and save the money for your furnitures and stuff...your color theme is really nice too!!!


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some more 3D pictures i did.




intend to use kompacplus for the countertop and do without the hood since we wont be frying stuffs very often.

most of the stuffs are from taobao or ikea

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Brave not to have a hood!

Actually, its fine without a hood if you don't do deep frying. I have opt to not have a hood for my 2nd home, just move in for 2 months, cooking 3-4 days per week, its actually fine.

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I think light cooking should be fine without hood...but for mine I had hood as my hubby say that maybe my MIL will come my house and want to cook so better to fix it there first haha..


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haha i opt not to put the hood as i feel cluttered if both side got the top cupboards. i opt to do a open shelves concept that i like very much .something like


i know there are pros and cons.. like the dishes and plates will get dusty , insects will get in etc. but i just like the feel of it. hopefully it work out. =)

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the MBR .

going for a platform bed with drawers. still dun know whether to extend the platform all the way or not.

the headboard there will be LED to light up during night time where we doesnt want to switch on the main light. doesnt know whether it will be bright enough though.



have approached a contracter/id that is a close friend uncle. awaiting the quotes in a week time. hopefully within our budget. =)

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Hi happy new yr everybody

i have found an ID but i am gona be reserved about it until they start work before i comment anything more.

he is a friend's uncle with many years of experiences.

Reason y i pick him is because me and my wife value trust more than a cheaper contractor. The amount of horror stories on renotalk is enough to make me think twice then to hire based on price alone. hopefully everything will turn out well.

So the initial plan to overlay the toilet walls and floor was scraped as it was way over initial budget. We also took to a stucco wall instead of a craft brick wall as it is about 3 times cheaper . The stucco at the showroom looks decent enough. but of course it cant be compared to actual bricks

I have finalise my 3d design too after consulting the ID. and also write rough measurements for the carpentry i want. the ID will get back to me on whatever is doable and whatever is not.

i modeled the room with the furniture and stuffs i getting from taobao ,ikea and etc . so as to get as accurate the look as possible

The Living Room

initially choose a mint color cushion for the bay window but it turns out quite hideous so back to black


thinking of putting the vento fino 2 fan in between the 2 hanging lights but duno it will look weird or not. haha


The Master bedroom

i really like the simple yet nice look of the LAX series storage bed

the ID say he can extend the platform all the way at no extra charge so i extend all the way haha


The Cupboard. Still contemplating the way the corner works. but this should be pretty final


The Master bedroom Toilet

Really hate the position of the window as it limits the length i can go with the mirror.




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The Study Room

personally designed it this way as i need a wider table for my 3d workstation. The imac beside belongs to the lady =)




The Kitchen

Alot of pple asking me why there is no hood. haha. doubt i will be doing any heavy cooking and there is always airflyer if i wana fry stuffs.




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the stucco wall as in the showroom which we will be doing


choosing of laminate is seriously no joke..especially for wood and patterned laminates.

there are tons of laminate catalogs and each piece in the catalog is a small piece and u have to go to the laminate main shop to see the bigger piece or ask your ID to collect for u . I thought i did my homework by going to the catalog website to decide beforehand.. but what is on the website is so much different when u see the actual sample.. initally decide on the cherry apple for the master bedroom and study room carpentry but somehow changes my mind ltr as i find lamitak wood nicer.

EDL cherry apple


but finally decide on the Bruno Seville walnut by lamitak when view on the website.but it turns out very different in real life. waiting for the ID to pass me the larger sample



actual sample


and the other laminates for the bay windows and MBR toilet vanity




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