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Hi, I need some advice. I have been quoted Sgd380 for acid/ chemical wash of 3 bathrooms in my 2-room condo. This was before we found out that the master bathroom is primarily made of marble (so the floor and walls are marble). Because of that, acid & chemical wash cannot be done. When I asked for the price to be reduced, my ID said that it will be reduced by Sgd80 and the master bathroom will be unwashed. Does the price makes sense because the master bathroom is actually the largest bathroom but Im giving him the benefit of the doubt that there's actually a "fixed" cost to the cleaning so the price cannot be reduced exponentially.

Also, would anyone have an idea of how much to supply and lay a data point and SV point? I heard this is charged separately.

Appreciate your advice here. Thanks.


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Data point and SCV point should have been included in the original quotation no? mine was included when my contractor came down to quote me. maybe yours work differently.. but i was charged..

1) Data point - 65

2) SCV point - 90

Of course maybe he charge me better price cause he did my whole place. so electrical he didn't earn much from me cause he showed me his payment to the electrician; slightly above cost price nia.

and for the acid wash.. abit don't make sense. usually they charge by per room. The acid wash they buy cost only how much. I'm not au fait with this so don't take my word for it. just my two cents worth. I was charged by per area; I also clarified if I didn't want to wash an area what will the new price be. My contractor told me he charge me by per room so he will take out by per room.


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I think acidwash varies with the contractor/ID. But if you're getting them to do whole house it should not be too costly. I am charged $180 for whole house - 3 Rm HDB resale. General washing is FOC, as they are supposed to handover the place good and clean. Mine is also an ID firm but I basically provided them all the design ideas/look I want and they simply execute so in actual fact no different from contractor?! ;)

SCV point - $110..and asking them to requote - for all electrical works.

Hope this helps.


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