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21K Theme-Less 3 Room Bto

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Had a couple of free time on hand so went down to see what else need to be touched up. We are in the process of getting our toilet overlay with tiles but in the interim all work is more or less completed (90%).

Clean all the windows with the Oxo squeegee, one of the best i have ever used! got from Amazon.



All our plates and bowl are getting ready to be unpacked after the reno is done.


Light cover up, cleaned the glass.



toilet going to be overlay with different colour tiles to match the vessel sink


hello Benetay, i love your kitchen design. Are they all BLUM system? what is the total cost for your kitchen reno?


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Apologize for the delay in response to all, have a very hectic schedule the last month or so and preparing for another 2 more months of hectic schedule. We are in the last phase of renovation.

The next update will be overlay of tiles in the toilet and kitchen.

It will be quite a change we hope and then we will start to move in the things bit by bit.

Really appreciate for all those supporters who have given their comments and really grateful of my ID who hasn't given us any trouble or hassle and very accommodating to our request.



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hello Benetay, i love your kitchen design. Are they all BLUM system? what is the total cost for your kitchen reno?

Not 100% blum, total kitchen carpentry is 5.9k, 120$ pfr. Got to type this right.



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Hijacking the post

I won't recommend you to take this ID.
I signed up with him and my reno has been on-going since 13th October.

1 - He has bad coordination with his contractors. All his contractors come and didn't bring equipment to install stuff, saying he didn't inform them. We really like idiots down there.. We might as well ask individual people come and do the installation instead.

2 - His planning is way off and he asks for payment when stuff not even done.

eg. I paid him already and Electrical supposed to up before the carpentry, but then electrical not even up (my items were all there for him to install already) and then his carpenter came (W/O informing us also) and then installed the carpentry BEFORE the electrical was fully up (Imagine the holes they had to drill through my carpentry to allow the wirings!) Then the carpentry half up only and he asked for additional $5k payment cos he have to pay his carpenter. Really headache and dunno how to justify this to my husband to allow payment to go through as things do opposite.

3 - Carpentry do wrongly. Cos main cook is my husband and he is taller, the bottom cabinets (and we only do BOTTOM cabinets) too short. He didn't liaise with his contractor and then now both don't want to do anything about it at all, we got the sms to prove that we have asked him to do something about it and he said he will do something about it when the time comes but at the end, he tell us say sorry can't be done! (seriously!! WTH!?)

4 - My kitchen top only doing today cos my cooker is late, that one is my fault, i admit.. But the HOLES in my TOILET he promised to fill them up and till now, I think close to 1.5 months already.. Those Holes Not yet filled at all!!

5 - Paint he gave us really sucks! Easy to peel and we paid 1.1k for the painting works which is one living room and 2 bedrooms even though we are 4 roomers. (Ours is flexi-option, HDB already knocked down one wall for us). We are considering to change the paint after my exams which is in Mar liao.

6 - Electrician took 3 weeks to come finish everything after the carpentry and finally finished on 28th Nov 2015. We are not picky at all. The gangs they do wrongly, There's additional switch of which I do not know what it is also. so I have **** lots of "ghost" switch in the house, and these switch are not SSO, they are those kinds of light switches, practically "useless". My lights are all track lights, room lights is just 1 x ceiling fan w/ lights for both rooms and one tracklight for masterbedroom.. Living room is exposed black trunking and ceiling fan. Toilet x 2, Service Yard and Bomb Shelter is normal hamburger lights. Then foyer 1 light and dining room one more light nia.. These took from 13th Oct and finished on 28th Nov.

7 - The Window Grilles was the WORSE of the WORST!! From start of reno, he say wiill be after painting this and that.. then ok fine.. we chased him for the grilles for close to 4 BLOODY horrendous weeks!! The windows was finally up on 5th Dec 2015

8 - The haulage I DO MYSELF! I cleared all the debris and rubbish myself!! Even the sink left in the middle of my living room, I bring down myself using my own trolley!! And the so-called "chemical wash" is questionable!! He didn't even lay a single protection on my floor.

9 - 1 Consultation & Design Conceptualization

2 Space Planning, Lighting & Furniture Layout

3 Material & Colour Selection Proposal

4 3D Computer Perspective Drawings

5 Project Management and site coordination

All these all don't have eventhough it's stated "FOC" in the quotation. Don't kenna him bluff.. NO 3D out at all!!

Really regret engaging him and quarreling with my husband everyday cos of this.
Seriously, the only good that came out of all these is that at least the material of carpentry he provided "looks" (still questionable cos we have only stayed there for less than a month, yes, with unfinished reno. No choice) durable and good.


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Omg !!

What went wrong. ID chut pattern?? Can PM. Thks.

I type all out liao wor.

Now he chut new stunt..

Asking me for final payment when all the HOLES in my toilet not yet covered up.

The plumber cracked my wall tiles when he installed the corner shower rack and also till now haven't fix.

Those holes/cracks one month plus liao still haven't even fill up at all.

We got ask his plumber the last time he came to help fix the shower curtains. he said not he do one. but now, the ID tell us say is his plumber do one and he "thought" the plumber already do it already.

And now we having dispute regarding the kitchen counter top. I can show u sms of him telling us he will raise the top but then WHEN the time came for installation of my standalone cooker, he come and tell us say sorry cannot be done..

He "promised" it can be done.. and at the VERY last minute before kompacplus come to take measurement. he tell us say SORRY cannot be done..

U tell me is it he chut pattern or we very "Niao"


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Hi freda lau could u kindly pm me the contact of tis id. I'm afraid I accidentally got him on my house. Worry. Thank you.

Ok.. will PM u in a bit..

I believe u should withhold last payment till everything is done.

Worst thing is.. my last payment to him is only $200 and he's saying he will get his contractor to fill up the holes tomorrow.. I seriously doubt it.. Ask for money, the reply very fast.. ask him about when he gg to finish my "defects", very slow.


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certainly an unpleasant experience having to push through all these issues, but i think there are certain things which i would like to state. In my first initial post, i already mentioned that this ID doesn't have fancy 3D drawing like others, it literally translate that this is not your standard ID where you get everything nicely in 3D drawing etc and have it done to your expectations.

It takes a lot to stomach to engage this kind of ID, and for the delay that i do agree, with so many jobs on hand, our reno is often pushed back. So really need to buffer in sufficient time like us not in a rush, than yes it is ok for us.

It is usually very different from pictures/drawing and on the ground decision hence having some product/technical knowledge will be good prior to any commitment and the ability to make quick decision if things don't turn out the way it should be is also a plus. The ID is not very experience compared to many very senior ones in the market, then again back to my first point, this ID doesn't provide 3D drawing which can tell a lot that there are high risk in engaging.

I'm more of a hands on person with some technical expertise hence it is ok for us, but i do agree his contractor should use the protective sheet throughout the entire job. There are some difficult customers as well, i think one of them is us....

We completed our reno almost in August period, but then decided to re-do both the toilet in major ways...in other words... we ask the ID to remove everything inside the toilet, overlay all the tiles on all walls and floors, do LED lights, mount new lights, mirror, etc etc... we also ask to overlay the kitchen tiles etc... normally tiles are first to be done before any reno begin...so there you have it.. difficult customer :) but we are pretty happy with the results...


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