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Living Room Platform & Bedroom Bed Platform Price

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I was quoted from my ID:

1 - bed platform with underneath storage for my master bedroom - $2,550 (2900mm x 2700mm)

2 - Platform for living room area $3,240 (3300mm x 3500mm)

Anyone can share with me on the usual market rate for bed platform and living room platform for 4 room BTO carpentry work?

Is there any recommended and reliable carpenters?


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wow! That looks expensive! I wonder how to work out the PFR (per foot run)? That should be a more accurate assessment, assuming the thickness is the same.

This thread talks about PFR rate: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/71069-market-rate-for-carpentry-works/

I am also considering doing platform for both bedroom and living room due to limited space. Hope some expert can help to provide more information.


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Until if you are looking for making customize or exceptional deigned then spending that much money for making your bed isn't wise. You can buy a nice platform bed from your local furniture store for around $250. You can also buy one from online stores, maximum time they will provide free shipping. 

My suggestion is if you are going to buy platform bed then you should read customers opinion about the product, that may required some times but you will get the best product for your money. 

I found this website really helpful for whom who is going to buy a platform bed.


I hope it helps!

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