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Our 5Rm Dream Project @ Capeview (Impossible Budget)

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Great write up.

Can you pm me the contact of C, J&E, glass door cont and the aircon supplier please? thanks.

Btw, any difference between in engaging hdb registered contractor and those who are not?


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Can you pls share your Contractor's C contact and your review of renov experience so far?

Read through your posting and scope + budget quite similar to mine :)

I do not need ID design service but do need contractor practical/technical advice.

Also kindly share your AC contractor + Top hung glass door contacts too.

Thks a million!


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Dear all,

it is been a while since I last updated and reply all of you, kinda busy with moving and other stuff.

Here are some of the pics,



We have not officially move in yet because there is some delay in our new bed :(

Reno is done and handed over.

And as above, there is some taobao furniture loots.

It is been a great journey so far and lots of unpacking to do.

I will provide some of the contacts you guys requested as below as I have no time to reply one by one. sorry ! heh

Aircon: Good air services ( can find their FB - contacts here) look for george nine 02 nine five 033

Contractor C (caseline): nine 7 two three , 0 nine 88

If you have any question regarding my reno , Taobao or design, do feel free to ask here!

I try my best to reply!


*PS hope the haze go away!

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Guest yoonmunkit@yahoo.com

Your house looks great! You mentioned overlaying of toilet tiles, possible to post the photos?


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