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  1. I like your work desk. Where did u get it from and the damage?
  2. Coups you share with me the bomb shelter rack and the quotes.
  3. Your home is one of the nicest home I have seen! Love how you decor your whole house to match the theme. Could yous share where you bought your telephone,tea set and the washing powder container.
  4. Did u box up the aircon tracking in master room? Could u share pic.
  5. Can I know which code of brick wall u gotten ? Able to take a close up?
  6. the service yard have a different design what the rest i have seen. what is the reason of designing this way?
  7. could u share how much is the sink (single-bowl under-mount Zerox u700.)and it dimension? is it stainless stain?
  8. What's the height of the tv console and size of the tv? Is it ergonomically suited for the sofa eye level?
  9. Hi sforsfor, any comment on the quality if the rainshower set and the kitchen faucet? Could u share the link. Thanks.
  10. Your place is transforming very beautifully! Is that a COB tracklights? How many watt and wre do you purchase from?