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Yong Sheng Movers Is A Nightmare

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I wish I have read this before I commit to proceed with YONG SENG. Their charges was not the cheapest in the market with storage service. The nightmare comes after 2nd redelivery when we found deep cracks at the back of our LG TV. Yes it a used TV but it was not cracked before and worst the company denial that it was not their fault and same time admit that they didnt check it before. I am not asking for a neW tv & only fair to request damage part to be replaced but it was really a scene. The worker at site has accidently dropped my electronic equipment for sauna and they didnt even apologize and we also short of 1 item that was missing and failed to be delivered to us. It was obvious cos it a hanging support pole for our bikes. Thats not all,  our water fountain found leaking and our fridge missing 1 wheel....





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Seldom do reviews but thought it will be useful to share.

I engaged them for moving and also storage of furniture due to renovation at home.  read good reviews from their site before giving them a shot. 

The packing and moving was quick and no major issue with their moving personnels. The only damage I found was a small dent at the fridge door. 

Warehousing - we initially went for one month storage. But our renovation gets delayed and we extended for another month with a promise that unused days will be prorated and refunded to us. Then we requested to move back furniture on 25th ( last day of warehouse storage expiry) , we were told they can only do evening and gave us 24th instead. I then asked if the one day earlier date will my storage fee be refund since I was advised previously that unused days will be prorated and refund. The amount is not significant but to me is a matter of principle. The response given was, they can do 25th evening but because of my condo’s rules, they arranged on 24th, so the fault is mine and therefore no refund. ( fine, I can let this go even though I do not agree with their reasoning)

However, the carton box collection arrangement was a nightmare. I message to request for the collection of their boxes the very next day after they move back the furniture from the warehouse. Reason why we were quick to unpack in a day was we found small roaches in a couple carton boxes during unpacking. 

After sending the sms request, the reply was they will call one day before collection. We requested they try to arrange as soon as our place is small. Few days later, we message again and was told the collection will likely be on a Saturday ( their last day of collection before closing CNY  ) . We specifically mentioned that our condo has strict rules for workers to come in on Saturday and request that they do not come after 1pm. The reply was they will take not. 

Friday late morning I called again to ask when will collection be happening, the customer service upon receiving my call still can mentioned that they are about to call me to inform. It will be Saturday 2pm to 6pm. (What kind brain is that when we already mentioned before condo restriction after 1pm on Saturdays?)

The major problem with this company is the way they held their customer by ransom. They are Not accommodative and even with prior notice they can seems to make effort to take back their boxes. only come your way if your place is along the way of their logistic guys. 

Their customer service still have the cheek to share that there are customers who called weeks before me and still have not get their boxes collected.  I am thinking why would they be bother with the box collection when they had your $100 box deposit? 

I wouldn’t recommend if you are someone there looking for a more reasonable service. 

I wouldn’t deal with companies who has poor business values. 


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Yong Shen mover is still as horrible as before!!! They have not improved with bad service quality ! My family and I had very bad encounter with Yong Shen just a few months ago. I didn't realise there were  honest reviews about Yong Shen Mover in this forum before engaging their service. I foolishly engaged their service based on those super good reviews collected on their Facebook. A big mistake on my part trusting those good reviews on their Facebook alone. My washing machine n furniture were damaged by them during the move. They did not bring materials to protect my items instead they just used those carton boxes which we have left over from our packing. Items that we didn't mark for moving  they moved for us. Some of the items which we marked for moving, they left them behind. If you are prepared to risk your furniture and items being damaged by them or risk some of the items not being moved according to your plan, u can go ahead to engage their service. Otherwise, stay away from Yong Shen Mover.


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Thanks for sharing. At least you COMPLETED the move. The movers my friend used was WORST. The company is Premier Transport and Mover Services at 22 Sin Ming. The sales guy and supervisor name is Alex **82799482**. This Alex charged them $880 to move their stuff from a Holland 3 rm flat to Jurong East and did not complete the job. The movers supposed to come another day to move the rest of the stuff and help setup his teak wardrobe, wooden bed but did not keep to their promise. Have also damaged some of their stuff. Have been siaming my friend's call for more than 3 weeks. Called the company, the secretary said boss always overseas, can only call Alex to settle. They ding dong him here and there but did not solve his problem. Poor guy now don't have a bed to sleep. The worst thing is he run out of budget and have 2 young children to look after. My friend and his wife are very nice and kind couple. Probably too nice thus bully by these ppl. This Alex is really very heartless and evil, I hope nobody will use them. FYI, this company charges by hr. On the surface looks cheap but I think the workers take their own sweet time to do the job. Thats how they con ppl money like what they did to my friend. Be careful of such unscrupulous company.  Anyway some of our friends and I came out with some money to help him out. Hope the mover we use from the recommendations in this forum will be better.


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Yong Sheng Movers has Very bad customer service!

They caused me frustration from the beginning to the end

When it comes to asking for $100 deposit to book the moving date, they are extremely fast to deliver the 30 cardboard boxes, in fact, it's next day delivery. However, after moving is completed, they will drag their feet in collecting the boxes and refunding the $100. The whole lot of cardboard boxes is taking up lots of space in my new home while waiting for them to pick up.

Most horrendous is the fact that the movers were late on moving day and ended up really messing up my schedule!

They could not complete the 2 trucks of delivery in one day due to their bad time management and we had to live with the inconvenience of not having our 1 truckload of belongings until 2 days later!!

When I called the hotline and even send sms to feedback, they didn't answer my calls nor reply my sms.

Very bad service level!

They may be slightly cheaper than other movers but the frustration they cause is not worth it at all.

I totally regret using this nasty Mover company.

They even have a police case against them regarding refund if $100.


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