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Hdb Home Improvement Programme (Hip) Matters

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Anyone had this issue/??
My house had done the HIP, i complain abt the bi-fold door they installed.

they say my parent HDB old house the tiles is not straight!..
now they use their NEW measure and match my parent old house..

when they lay the tiles it already very un even on the side of the wall in the door "part''...
if they did not do well it will make it uneven when u install bi-fold door as shown on my image.....

now they say it our house problem!
say the solution is to adjust toilet "hurt'' tiles?
say the bi-fold door is straight.... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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You guys all dont need to hold on the renovation. You can be exempted from the HIP if you pass the water test for the bathroom. Just need to sign the idemnity form. As for the large waste pipe. I did check with the HIP people and they told me since Aug 2015, if your house is already using those pvc waste pipe and if there is no crack or leakage, they will no longer change it.

Previously in March 2015 for my uncle house, even though my uncle house already is the big pvc type waste pipe, the HIP contractor still cut a hole from top to bottom level (the slab) and removed the entire waste pvc pipe and put in a new pvc pipe.

Hopes this helps :)


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I need some advice for the Home improvement Prg also from those who've went through it.

I bought a resale flat and the minister just announced HIP for my prospective unit.

I originally planned to have my renovation done early next year......

Called the HDB estates manager and she mentioned that HIP will also be done next year (dunno when)

Which means that i may have to hold off my toilet and kitchen renovation.


Assuming that 75% of my block has voted for the upgrading...

Then Isit possible to opt out of all items.... including the changing of waste pipes at toilet and kitchen. That's because my existing kitchen is an L shaped kitchen with piping concealed.... they will need to hack away the cabinets. (these are classified as essential items)


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It's cheap. Just take it. It will cost at least 5-15 times more to renovate the toilet on your own, depending on your flat type. The smaller the flat type, the greater amount of subsidy u will get.

Doors n gate, piping, spalling ceiling, clothes hanger rack n electrical load are also upgraded. Some are free of charge.

Can install grip bar for old folks too.

Overall took 10 days from start till end but the noise n dust never ends. Even if u are done, your neighbours may have just began. Lucky they build temporary Aircon room at one of the void deck for residents to hide away. Lots of preparation to do. Tell u more in next post.

Overall Good initiative from HDB. Never heard of such good stuff in other countries. comes with 1 year warranty. Cheap But beware of hidden cost if your kitchen piping are hidden behind cabinet and if cabinet needs to be removed n reinstalled. No subsidy for this.

Just do it. I took the chance to reno my kitchen as well. Will share more in future post

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Hi, has anyone completed their HIP?

What are the things to prepare, look out for and cost of the HIP?

is it worth doing it?

My blk polled last year and it is about to commence soon.
Please share. thank you


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