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Hi, may I know what Is the cost to install a home lift in a landed 3 storey house?

I know there are a few options like chair lift, hydraulic & pneumatic lift, anyone know the approximately cost to install that? any good recommendation? It is mainly for elderly to go up. Thanks for the help in advance :good:


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There are generally 3 cat. of home lift available here.

1 Vacuum Lift Fixed glass structure, small dimension & load capacity (2 pax), only platform rise & decent ~ $40k

using vacuum principle

2 Conventional lift Build walls & 500mm pitch, lift-car rise & decent by cables, carries 3pax ~ $40k + 20K (walls, pitch cost)

3 Platform lift Fixed glass structure, carries 4pax (400kg payload), only platform rise & decent using leadscrew ~ $60k

and motor


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I opted for a hydraulic lift over a electrical motor. I think the costs also depend on whether you need the lift shaft constructed. Managed to find a good and friendly contractor that offered me a competitive price, after checking quite a number of suppliers.

My terrace is still under recon, so the lift is not installed yet.


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If you are looking for lift to be installed at your home, do check it out below:


15 years experience in installing and maintaining lift.

high quality lift and import from Europe.

do contact us also if you are looking for company to maintain/service ur lift or if you need dumbwaiter.

our pricing is very competitive.

call or whatsapp 82982689 for query and site visit arrangement. No obligation :)

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