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U-Gate - Your Window, Grille,Gate and Door Specialists In Singapore

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We are Singapore's Aluminium specialists for residential , commercial & industrial with more than 25 years of experience in this trade. We serve home owners , builders & interior designers with quality products and excellent services.










Contact us for more information!

Address: 20 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #05-29 (Techlink Building) S(567761)

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm / Sunday & Public Holidays: Call For Appointment

Tel: 6481 2443 / 8809 8749 (Whatsapp)

E-mail: sales@u-gate.com.sg

Website / Facebook

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Join 46,923 satisfied homeowners who used renotalk quotation service to find interior designers. Get an estimated quotation

Hello all value customers, U-GATE is having a cny promotion till 29/02/16.

CONTACT US @ 6481 2443 or APPS US 8809 8749


3rm - $1080

4rm - $1288

5rm - $1388

**Whole unit sliding grilles and sliding window for serviceyard. (Silver & Bronze colour)


3RM - $1288/-

4RM - $1438/-

5RM - $1538/-

**Whole unit sliding grilles and sliding window for serviceyard. (Silver & Bronze colour)


3RM - $1788/-

4RM - $2180/- (4A)

5RM / EA / EM - $3888/- (excluding balcony)

**Whole unit sliding window and sliding grille. (Silver or bronze)

********Free Gift/Voucher (choose any 1 option)********

1) 1 set aluminium bifold door

2) 2 sets aluminium framed mirror

3) $50 NTUC voucher.

4) 5% off total bill.



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Hi Sebastian, what happened eventually? Did U gate resolve the issues with you? I am thinking about getting them to install my grilles my 4 room HDB flat but I am taken aback when I saw your post. 


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any update on this? so what happened to Very Angry and Sebastian Fook's grilles? I intend to install for my new place. Is it really very bad and is it safe?


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I have a really bad experience with this company, U-gate Design PL.

My windows and grilles were installed in mid February 2020. But one month later, I am still chasing them for a solution to my windows problem. To be honest and objective, the slim grilles have no problem.

I had been following U-Gate Design PL on their FB page and was keen on their slim grilles. They looked quite credible as they claimed they had registered patents for their grilles and were always mentioning/hash-tagging BCA and HDB in their posts. Only a company looking to build up a reputation would do so. The FB reviews were also quite good, but now, they have been switched off, so I am not able to check back or post there. 

I had done my search online for other reviews and there are at least 2 documented bad reviews, and I chanced upon this thread today, so mine would be bad review number 4. I didn't think I would be so unlucky, or how badly will a windows and grilles job be done.

I had asked for a quote and one of their staff was sent to take measurements. The next day, the owner, Mr Goh called back and made it a point to talk about safety while discussing the type of windows and grilles I had in mind. Of course that impressed me and I kept it in mind while shortlisting other contractors. He also mentioned that I might have a rain water leaking problem for my kitchen windows. I told him the ledge above protrudes out quite a bit and shouldn't be a problem for my windows, Thinking back, this should have been a trigger for me to be careful, most likely it is a problem they face with other customers. 

My requirement was for 4 track sliding windows for living room and kitchen, 3 tracks for 2 bedrooms and casement windows for master bedroom. The grilles were their patented double track slim grilles. They had to outsource for the 4 track sliding windows to another supplier as U-Gate only had 3 sliding tracks for 3 big windows. I didn't want big windows.

My house is a 4NG HDB flat and I was only doing a windows and grilles job. I have lived in houses with both casement windows and sliding windows. Casement windows do a good job of blocking noise when closed. Sliding windows need to have morhair at their bottom edge to block out dust, noise and wind howls. I always thought the morhair was to block the dust, but now I understand that it is also meant to block as much wind as possible.

They did not bring anything to protect my tiled floor and just spread out all the metalwork. I was surprised and waited a while but they continued working. Luckily, I had some old cardboard boxes which I took out and told them to place on the floor and then work with the grilles etc, barely had enough.

Apparently, they had brought the wrong windows for the living room and kitchen and 2 of their staff began arguing, another bad sign. So one went back to the factory and brought another set of windows. I managed to do an inspection round and caught a few issues with the same windows and they corrected it. Made payment in full when they left. 

My horror began the next few nights (same night I was too tired after the cleaning). I have no blockage for my living room and adjoining bedroom, so the wind can be very strong at times and blow for hours. When I closed the windows at night, the wind howls very badly through the gaps at the bottom of the windows. So first thing I did was check the windows and see if there is something wrong. Then I went online to find out what was happening. The wind will blow through any window gap and can have different frequencies. And there were some solutions depending on what kind of windows you have.

I called up the admin, they sent another staff who understood the noise through the gaps was an issue. He went back and nothing happened. Then I chased the owner and he returned my call. Mr Goh started arguing that the windows don't shake and no one else has a problem. When I checked one of the online reviews again, the customer had complained that he had ended up with loose and shaking windows, so that's what I had to listen to while keeping my anger and frustration in check.

I have a whatsapp chat with him and since he was arguing too much on the phone and wouldn't listen to me describing the problem, I typed it all out the next morning. He had basically refused to acknowledge the actual problem, although he says he has been in the industry for 35 years. He said he would look for a solution from his supplier. He arrowed them for the problem, when in fact, his own 3 track sliding windows also had the same gap problem through which the wind howls. He also said not to put the hope on him for the solution.

U-Gate and Mr Goh have chosen to ignore me, thinking I will just keep quite and go away. They also promised guarantees and warranties but no action yet. The windows have a basic design flaw if their windows cannot accommodate the morhair or insulation seals. So what is the point of taking out patents when they can't even get their basics right?

This review is meant for other people to think carefully before engaging with this company and parting with their hard earned money. I will look into my available options to get some action taken and fix my wind noise problem. Will update again if U-gate will fix my problem or not.


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Terrible experience with Ugate and not recommended. We ordered windows grilles and end up needed trimming to make shorter. They end up cutting a wrong side and left our grilles uneven gaps. After that, they went ahead installing them in opposite orientation. To rectify the problem, we took a leave to cater their appointment time but end up waiting for few hours without notification.  I had to call several times to check whereabouts. 

They don't pay attention to details and customer service is bad too. Pls do your research once again to find suitable vendor for your home.


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