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  1. Most track are universal, so it all boils down to the price. They may claim theirs is better and others are worst, but if you read into the material specs, the tracks are generally the same albeit different manufacturer.
  2. Wonder which shop did you purchase your fans from, particularly the Vento fans?
  3. Could you kindly share which shop did you get your Vento fans from? Wonder if there is a cheaper place to get them in JB.
  4. Just curious what size did you get?
  5. I wonder how you guys manage to get the free shipping. Is there certain buttons to click? I clicked on free shipping but once I click ship to Singapore, all the sinks are gone.
  6. Not much review from formers here on Teka though
  7. Looks like Teka is having a discount this weekend. Any one have review from them? Any existing users?