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Claudine Simmons


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Hi everybody,

I desperately need advice on what to do with all the doors in my house. Currently going through reno & my doors arrived yesterday. To my dismay, it was nothing like the one I selected, color-wise. 

I was doing confinement last month and ordered these doors through the contractor. I was told that it will be like what I ordered. Then last week I got a call to say that it's still that color but slightly darker so I thought okay, no difference like that.

I asked the workers & they said all doors are yellow, especially with varnish. I will not be able to find a non-yellow door in SG. I feel very cheated, having paid $2050 for all the doors. Main door, 3 bedroom door & one storeroom door. I was told that I cannot return or refund and cannot complain as they said that the catalogue stated illustration and actual product may vary.

I decided to look for alternatives and came down to 3 solutions, namely Wallpaper, Decorative paint or changing the doors. I do not know how much it costs to wrap the door but the salesperson online all advised against as too many movement on it may cause it to peel. As for decorative paint, I am quoted $1800. Changing doors means throwing another $2k in. Last alternative is to spray paint at $600+ or paste Formica onto the doors which will affect the closing.

Please advise me on what I can do, I intend to move in on the 8/9/16. Ideally I would like to have white/light-hearted doors to match the floor tiles. Many many thanks in advance!!


(I had chosen VP15 without the middle board. On the catalogue, it looks light enough to match my floor and not as warm as the website and definitely nothing like the actual product )






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I will choose laminate if I'm very particular on color accuracy. Can't comment much about door closing but you can inspect the clearances of the door When it's closed and estimate if that is more than the thickness of the laminate.

Painting is too skill dependent and good paint to get a good result, especially if the door is not removed during the painting process and in vertical position. You may not be happy with the brush lines thereafter.

My doors(hdb given) came just like yours. I also contemplated all those options as I didn't like it but eventually I chose to just live with it for a while and perhaps change it a year or 2 later.


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