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Can't get to sleep,feeling excited for the day to come, as finally our permit is approved by BCA.:yeah:


.............START WORK...........

will posted & updated weekly






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Everything started smoothly, but received a letter from URA ....**** pissed off with them, this is my 2nd submission where first 1 submission was REJECTED, Re submit again takes up another month REJECTED again...My Architect & Builders/Designer had expedite and Re proposed the plan in 3 days time for the 3rd submission, this time round need another 1 month??? 


Conditions/requirements referred to in the Written Direction dated 30-11-2016 



















Details on waivers granted


(if any)




Reasons for non-compliance and waivers to be sought in the current resubmission (provide a short explanation for waiver request and supporting documents, if any)



Date of waiver granted


Plan Ref








PP condition (a) - Envelop Control

The proposed house looks like a 3-storey building when viewed from the Front Elevation. You are advised to locate the mezzanine floor to the rear of the building and revise the façade such that the house looks like a 2-storey house.














PP condition (b) - Car Porch Outdoor Balcony

-     To reflect the car porch columns on the 1st storey plan, and indicate the 1.0m high glazed railing on the 2nd storey plan.

-    For the 1.8m high lightweight screen walls, please annotate “solid concrete/brick/blank walls are not allowed and there shall be no-overlooking”.

















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5-6 days of work done, Mmm.. i can say everything is in progress, as waiting for the approval for the amendment from URA/BCA. My builders had advise next week the whole structure will be flatted and after which they would start doing the sewage and preparation of the foundation works and Anti Termites Treatment while waiting for the Approval...Sad but somehow still hopeful......:unsure:



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20 hours ago, northblue said:

Is that a solar panel?:huh: how much did it cost installation included?

Just check with my builders, it is noise tracking system, not solar panel wo... :huh:


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