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The Director of Bestbuild Pte Ltd is Nelson Andrew Smith. Bestbuild Pte Ltd, also known as Noisestop systems (address: Block No. 53, Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Ubi Ave 1, #05-37A, Singapore 408934) which sells Noiseblock doors, took measurements of our service yard doorway and promised that they have a ready-stock soundproofing door that can fit our yard doorway and install it between 25 Nov and 27 Nov 2019.  They charged us a total of $6,000 for 2 soundproofing doors and asked us for a deposit of $3,000. We paid Bestbuild $3000 deposit on 20 Nov 2019 but the doors were not installed as promised between 25 Nov and 27 Nov 2019. We asked Bestbuild 6 times to give a delivery date but no delivery date was given. We asked for refund on 19 Dec 2019 but the deposit was not returned after waiting for 1 month. We had to submit our claim to the Small Claim Tribunal Court. Bestbuild did not return the deposit during the Mediation sessions. Instead, Bestbuild submitted a counterclaim of $12,800 for 4 soundproofing doors. After the hearing, the Tribunal Court ordered Bestbuild Pte Ltd to pay us the sum of $3,000 by 23 Sep 2020 and dismissed Bestbuild’s counterclaim. However, the money is still not returned by Bestbuild after 23 Sep 2020!905902275_OrderofTribunal-Edited_optimize_1.jpg.161dbfe2f2ea719de373c914f9ede8a1.jpg


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Have finally moved into my humble abode recently and decided to warn anyone here who is looking for renovation contractor because I had the worst experience. I am not revealing the company name here because my problem is quite unique and I think the Contractor himself can easily identify himself. So PM me if you want to have the details, I know it is an inconvenience but I seriously do not want to invite trouble since I'd be living alone and am powerless against someone with deep pocket like him. Yes, consumers are no longer the kings these days. HDB ought to do something about these errant contractors.

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share my terrible experience with Sg Renovations Contractors Pte Ltd. Unbelievably, I don’t know how they got so many good reviews in Carousell (more than 100x5stars review). So I contacted her (Melissa) to get a paint job done for my place. 

Contract was supposedly painting of interior/exterior/roof. Time frame in contract was 2 weeks. They kept dragging and said needed more time and asked for more money (only part of the exterior was painted and badly done). For 1 week it wasn’t raining (my contractors were doing other work in the house can testify) they didn’t turn up. I can share the photos, they are far from finishing their job. On the 3rd week, they came to remove the scaffold, there is no way they can finish their job (3rd floor wall unpainted shown in pic).  Their paint is peeling off only within 2 weeks. Simple works like plastering to touch up the walls(Written in the contract) were not done and cracks were everywhere. Refer to pics below for reference. Kept asking for top up of $$, eg pay more for aircon ledge as they are not considered external walls, wooden fence only painted half (claiming need neighbour’s permission but we already got it). There’s still alot more but I’ll leave it as it is here. You can see from the pics below how much exterior works needs to be done 

By this time, I asked how much more time they needed to finish their job (as quoted by them “Left 1 corner wall and some ceiling and balcony ledge”) and they said needed 10 more days and subject to weather conditions and requested unreasonable demands to get their job done, basically to drag and wear our patience out. The interior of the house hasn’t even started any painting yet at this point.

For a contracted 2 weeks job, turned out to be badly done and multiple lies told to us by Melissa and her supervisor (who was also a hooligan, called me and my wife and started swearing because we asked why is their paint quality so bad, threatened to cancel our job). I think it’s a company that people should avoid.

Just sharing my experience so others can be informed. Hopefully I am just one of the unlucky ones to have experienced their bad service. I welcome them to write their perspective and I will reply objectively to their work. 










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Hi everyone  , pls beware engage this Golden bricks building contractor on dec 19  very  dishonest and very poor workmanship shop the person in charge Vincent Tan and finished on Jan 20 , before the last payment make to him , he did not took initiative to conduct a joint inspection with me only just sent me a invoice and want me to pay him through Paylah ,as a first time homeowner I really do not know that I need to do so before taking over premises , then after stay for a few months I found out tiles not properly lay with chips , hollow and cracks , kitchen cabinet not sitting flat on the plinth leaving a big gap and use cement to seal up and argue that is normal as compare to the BCA renovation standard, need to call him multiple times before he came down to see all this defects , in the end he is willing to give me some compensation .below are all the defects done at my place





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Hi everyone pls beware of dis guy Gabriel Seng Joon Hian n his partner Jay Lee from Zenith Design Theory

They taken down their facebook page but are still scamming others simply search Gabriel Seng in reddit n read all the nightmares 








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