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Shower Head Dripping Self Repair

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Hi guys,

My shower head recently has water dripping problem and I would like to try doing self repair. I attached how the setup looks like. Basically there are two faucets from the main before the water enters the heater. In the past, the top faucet is always on and we only close the bottom faucet. But now I have to close the top faucet too,  otherwise the shower head will have water droplets dripping consistently (about a drop every few seconds). Closing both faucets seem to work, though it seems to still have some water droplet forming at the shower head, but at least it is not dripping (or maybe just very rarely) . And in any case, having to close both faucets all the time is prone to being forget to close one of them.  :) 

So my question, what should I do to fix this? I presume at the very least I will need to do something with the bottom faucet mostly (or maybe even both + the shower head itself), but I don't know the official name for this type of faucet, hence I can't search in the internet on how to open and fix this. all the videos I found were if different type of faucets. Also how can I turn off the main water supply? there is some kind of faucet outside of the unit together with the gas and electricity box. but I can't seem to turn it at all. 


Please advise. Thanks!


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Orangy is correct. The main valve should be below your unit's water meter.

It looks to me the rubber seal in the bottom faucets is damage, so even though it is closed, water still seep thru the valve, past the top faucet (just below the heater), thru' the heater & out the shower head. The rubber seal is a wear & tear part, with usage, it will wear off (same applies to the taps of kitchen & bathroom sink).

The valve in the faucet can be replace but you will need to close the water mains, remove the on/off handle of the faucet to get to valve mechanism. Then bring the valve to hardware shop and get a replacement. Your valve might look like the below (at least mine does) but I have seen 2 different length, so having the sample to compare is better.

Since the lower faucet that you are using is not an expensive type, it would make more sense to replace the complete faucet.




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On 12/9/2017 at 11:35 AM, w7_lee said:

It looks to me the rubber seal in the bottom faucets is damage

Seems like it to me too that the rubber seal is not working as its supposed to


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