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Demystify ABS Trimming for me please!

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I know there are few threads here about ABS trimming, but I still don't seem to get the idea of it fully. One of the IDs we met told us ABS trimming is the small 1mm round thingie you see where two laminates meet. Another ID said ABS Trimming comes only in standard sizes like 23mm or 44mm. Which one is it? It can't be the small round thingie if it is 23mm right?

Let us take the case of a door for the bottom kitchen cabinet. The top of the door has a 45 degree cut out that acts as a handle. I couldn't find a relevant picture with the 45 degrees cut for the handle, but something like that attached picture should help me with my questions:

I know that the wood-looking surface on the outside of the door is laminate. How about the wood looking surface which is pasted on the small area which acts as the handle? I would assume it is also laminate since it has to match the same color as the outside laminate. Or is it part of the ABS trimming (i saw someone call it Edge band). What is that small 1mm gray looking material? Is that the ABS trimming?

Sorry for such a noob question. It is because I, unfortunately, am a noob when it comes to all this.

Any response would be great


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depends on what the contractor uses. some contractors use back the same laminate for the sides as trimming. some use a ABS trimming which is similar in colour as the laminate.

since it is quite challenging to stick a piece of material and have it lined up at the edges perfectly, what is normally done is that a wider piece of material is glued to the surface. after the glue had set, the material is cut down to size using a router so that the edges become perfectly aligned with the edges. the rounding of the edges can also be done using the router.


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