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Singapore BTO, Condo, Landed, & Commercial New Trend of Wall Decor

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o all dear brother & sister,

  1. Have your suffer Hot / Heat at Home during day time ?
  2. Have your always suffer Moisture at Air-con environment or Mold at ceiling area ? 
  3. Have your feel the sound proof for partition wall in between all bedroom not perfect ?
  4. Have your suffer Wallpaper after sometime is peeling off ?
  5. Have your seen a Wall Decor is Anti- Bacterial ?


All new Healthy & Environment friendly material is came in Singapore, This material not only create a design for your home, it also have many of advantage for your. 

There is a Pro of this Material .. It will be a new Trend in SIngapore 

  • Temperature & Moisture Adjustment - ingredient that balances indoor temperature and humidity. With its respiratory function, this breathing wall can absorb water molecules when humidity is too high and release water molecules again to adjust the overall indoor humidity when humidity drops to a low level.
  •  Anti-bacterial, Mold proof & Negative Ion - emit Negative Ion & contains Oxidizers that attract, trap, and then oxidize the negatively charged virus, bacteria, mold, and spores, producing harmless by-products like CO2 and H2O.

  • Sound Insulation - It has a porous structure that absorbs the majority of incoming sound, creating a more comfortable and quiet living environment
  • Fire Retardant - an excellent fire retardant material to prevent residents from in-house fire relevant hazards. Upon contact with fire, it does not produce smoke, thus eliminating a common cause of death from fire which is smoke.

  • Natural & Customisable Interior Decor - customisation options are limitless, many color choices & design texture 

  • Affordably Priced & Long-Lasting - competitively priced and comparable to other interior decor solutions like wallpaper & Carpentry. The key advantage over wallpaper is that it can last way longer than the average lifespan of wallpaper which is 3-5 years, Over Carpentry that can be change décor easily with cost efficiency.

There is some of Project Actual Photo using this new Trend of Material.

 Do contact ,email, Whatsapp us for further Information.





images (2).jpg

images (4).jpg





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