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New Ruling - Lightning Proetction System for Landed

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Is anyone familar with the above and does any of you have any contact for an electrical engineer to help with the lighning proetcetion drawing for BCA submission?What is teh average quote?



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why don't  you check with your contractor or QP on whether they have contacts instead? usually they would have people whom they had worked with regularly on projects who can handle this.

also this is not a new ruling but rather there are changes to the regulations/requirements. for submissions after 1 may 2019, they must be following the new regulations whereas any submissions prior to 1 may 2019 will still need to follow the older regulations. either way, a PE (electric) will be needed to do the submissions to BCA.

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Have you started construction works and need a electrical engineer to submit the lighting protection drawing? If so, ask your contractor or your QP for recommendations. If your lighting protection is not installed to requirement, the cost of the electrical engineer is a small cost compared to the rectification works required.


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Hello, for Reconstruction, new erection, LPS is required for TOP instead of CSC now. For A&A, LPS is needed if u add extension roof for CSC.

basically a lot of builder can’t get the Cert because of newly enforced testing and theory.( last time have but they don’t care)

1st. Rolling sphere plan, because a lightning terminal can only protect 45degree , what happen when ppl of 1.8m height walk out of your balcony? That’s where the rolling sphere comes in

2nd. Continuity test, check all test link point is joined together as a whole system( not break anywhere)

Still have some more I lazy mention

this 2 more important.

last time a LPS LEW cost around $800-1000

but now it cost at least $1500-2500 just for submission itself. 




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