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A&A, Recostruct or New Erection

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Hi all, 

I have purchsased a freehold landed inter terrace 200sqm, squarish. Need some advise before I go ahead with my contractor. However we are still in a dilemma as to which route we should go as we are on a budget after this freehold purchase. got 3 options to go, which is the most recommended among here?

To A&A: Damage ($250k++)

Front carporch balcony extension and backyard and bedroom extension .

To add one more storey: Damage ($540K++)

To new erect 3.5 storey just checked with my builder can build to 3.5 storey. Damage ($920K++)

Its a really heavy investment for us, thus we are asking some advise around.

Just worried if we add on to the existing house, will the house be able to last us more than our lifetime to pass to our children?


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First question you should ask yourselves first is how are you planning to finance this A&A, Reconstruction or redevelopment?

If you are planning to take loans to finance it, is your bank able to loan the money to you since this additional loan is subject to TDSR as well.

Assuming you can fulfill the TDSR criteria, do you have enough cash to finance it? banks WILL NOT loan you the fill 100% needed. the usual case is 75% or 80% depending on banks. Assuming the bank is willing to finance you 75%, you will need to fork out 67K (A&A), 145K (Recon), 241K(rebuilt) first before the bank loan can be drawn down. Do note that I've added the 7% GST in the calculations for the above numbers. Also note that most builders WILL NOT put in authorities fees as part of their quotation. So you will need to factor in fees to URA, BCA, NParks, PUB, Netlink trust, PUB, SP Group, etc. These fees can total up to more than 10k depending on what option you choose.

Let's say you fulfill the TDSR and have enough cash on hand(at least $250k), then what would the choice you should take?

Questions then you should ask yourselves

1. how old is the current house?

2. is the layout of the current house (after A&A) able to fulfill you and your family's living requirements? EG: enough rooms/toilets or space to use?

If the house was built more than 50 years ago and you feel that the additional space after A&A may not fulfill your needs for space, then you can only choose to add an additional floor or do a total rebuilt.

Whether to do a reconstruction or total rebuilt again depends on the PE's assessment of the existing structure. If the existing structure cannot take the load of an additional floor, then the existing structure will need to be reinforced which means the columns and beams strengthened to take the weight of the new floor and this will eat into the floor space as well as lower the ceiling at certain points due to the thickened beams. One possible way to mitigate this is to do steel beams/columns for the 3rd floor which will reduce the weight (just a suggestion as I'm not sure what your builder had suggested). If you are ok with these and the additional 3rd storey space is sufficient, then just go with this option.

However if even with the additional 3rd floor, you feel the space may not be enough and you wish to have even more space and also a roof terrace to entertain, then the only way is to bite the bullet and do a new rebuilt. With this, you can design the house accordingly to what you require and plan the living spaces accordingly to what you need. If you want, can also provision for a lift shaft to future proof the house in case next time you need to install a lift in the house.

On whether houses can last for you to pass on to your children, I would say either option you choose, the house will last as most (if not all) of our houses are engineered to last. When I tore down my old house this year which was built in 1960/1961, the only visible defect was a slight spalling concrete on one of the beams.


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You'll need a good engineer to check your home..

BTW, 250k for A&A is very decent, especially with the extension work..  I've previously sent you my builder too. 

A new home for 920k is also very good and if intend to live there for >20 yrs, that's not a bad investment. 



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