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Anzo Lim

The current trend of gold price is similar to that of 1995

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More info at https://jump.wikifx.com/83348CF26389B46D

Although Mr. Trump wants a weaker dollar, as well as a major shift in Fed policy from increasing to lowering interest rates, the dollar remains strong. These factors that strongly favors short positions only prolongs the dollars price adjustment period, and the price that jitters uphill indicates a typical bullish trend. Looking at chart of a longer time-span


the rebound in 2014-2015 made the US dollar index break through the long-term downtrend line  and this trend line functioned as support in 3 circumstances.


Of these 3 cases, the most recent scenario in 2018 is particularly worth noting. The dollar index rebounded after hitting the bottom in 2018, and the side-way trend that lasted for about a year is perhaps just an early break before the upcoming sharp rise; if not even the US Federal Reserve and the US president is able to keep the dollar in a weaker position, it is conceivable how powerful the bullish trend is.


When the dollar just began to rally in the early 1980s and 1995, it was also the beginning of golds significant decline that lasted for decades.


Given that the gold price has gone through several years of horizontal trend, its more likely that the market will see a situation similar to that in 1995, when the gold price went over its peak in February and continuously dropped, and it wasnt until after the price had bottomed out that a new round of strong rally began. As gold surged in the past few months, its likely that investors will be blinded by the rising momentum and the spreading market optimism, just like those people who bought gold at a high position in early 1995.

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Still, gold is the most stable metal in the world, and no matter what happens to it, it will raise, that is why better to invest now, till it is not too late. Even dollar or Euro exchange rate is made up according to gold value. Furthermore, in our days you can even buy precious metals, without even leaving your home. There are a lot of people that are asking on different forums how to buy gold coins, Which I think is stupid, because there are a thousands of websites that provides such services, so take your chances. Last time when I bought it I was lucky to find it on a good price, because it was at the start of the covid19 pandemic, but even today, you can make a good deal.


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