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HDB Plumbers (HP 84916116) Not Recommended

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Our water heater was not working and we called HDB Plumbers to repair it. This is what happened.

25/11/19: HDB Plumbers were supposed to come down at 2-3pm but arrived at 430pm. No call to inform us of the delay at all. He quoted us $250 for replacement of heating element for Joven tank water heater. When i checked with Bee Plumber on the spot because the quote sounded high, Bee Plumber quoted me $250 for a new Joven water heater so i knew then that HDB Plumbers were trying to gouge me for a simple heating element replacement. When i asked why price was so high they gave me some bull**** about having to cut pipe inside false ceiling which is NOT true because you don’t have to cut pipe to replace heating element. They then tried to dispute Bee Plumber quote by asking model of water heater, but that’s not the point because even if Bee Plumber charged slightly more than $250 for installation, that does not make their ridiculous quote of a heating element reasonable. Please stop gouging your customers, there’s internet and we know how much a new water heater costs (Lazada). Waste of $30 for transport cost.

Added on 27/11/19: We got another plumber Mr Speedy to take a look today. He tested it and it was a wire fault, repairs only cost $60. HDB Plumbers climbed up to look once and told us it was a heating element problem without correctly identifying the problem, whereas this plumber climbed up and down 2 times to test the switch and was more professional and thorough. Mr Speedy didn’t try to gouge me for a heating element replacement either, when I initially called them to get a sense of the cost to replace a heating element they quoted me $160. HDB Plumbers is seriously dodgy, please choose another contractor.

HDB Plumber 2.jpg

HDB Plumber 1.jpg


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