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Cooking smells from neighbour and ventilation

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hi all,

I am currently staying on level 7 and have been getting very strong cooking smell into my house -literally entire house (not sure from which neighbour)

I didnt have such problem for the past 1 year- only started like 2 months back- so strong that i can sometimes know which stage of cooking are they are at - put garlic already, oyster sauce, vegetables, oh stir frying vegetables today! It is however not so nice to smell hey bee hiam at 6am when sleeping or have all my laundry at the service yard smelling like fried mushrooms.

I have already closed the toilets windows, kitchen windows and balcony doors to mitigate this problem but sometimes, the smell comes in and linger around. 

My question is:


i have insect screens on all my windows (garden outside does have all sorts of weird insects that I do not want in my house), i wonder if this is the reason affecting the ventilation in my house (thats why the smell linger around for so long)?

Does any other forumers who have insect screen have the similar problem with insect screens?


Can anyone introduce any magic machine that can in such situations? we are now resorting to turning on all fans before we go to bed but that pushes up the electricity cost (especially when there are only 2 of us in the house and we on like 5 other fans outside our room. 


(3) have anyone encounter such problems and have found a solution? if yes, please can you share? i cant move until 3 yrs later (yes, we r considering that option due to this problem)


Thank you very much


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Hi you may want to use an air purifier. I have an open kitchen and cooking smells often waft into the living room; in such times, turning on my air purifier helps.


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