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Need Ideas To Pivot Your Business and Stay Resilient?

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Are you looking for ideas and ways to pivot your business to stay resilient during this tumultuous period?

Take a look into how some businesses successfully pivoted and grew their revenue. In addition, we also proposed some business ideas that SMEs can adopt as a stepping stone towards pivoting themselves.

Read here to find out how: https://rb.gy/7heker


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I see that a lot of you have this dream in developing their businesses, starting new ones and making a lot of money. I support motivated people, but often this is a huge risk. I can say from my own experience that I had a lot of falls and I defeated all the problems. I could not ignore the fact that I was helped by https://exitadviser.com . It took me a lot to think but I sold a business with their help and it was a great start up for my company.

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Totally understand your concerns. 

To be honest, I am not a risk-taker. I don't think I will ever have the guts to set up a business myself. 

But if you need help in any topics related to financing a new business, sales & marketing, accounting, legal... etc I know of a community created by business owners. They're offering help to SMEs or start-ups. 

Visit : www.sbe.sg 



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