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  1. Yes, soccer players take steroids. They must always have strength and endurance. Or to avoid pain feeling in their legs. They use steroids to dull the pain. Many players can't stand the pain, but they can't stop the game. And that's why they take steroids.
  2. I've heard of one way. You need to detox your body. Detoxification is to remove toxic substances or qualities from. In general, it is useful to do this even if you do not use drugs. My brother used drugs for a very long time. He took 5 milligrams twice a day. So he ended up in the hospital. After a full recovery, he continued to use. He finally stopped when he decided to get a job. There it was necessary to pass urine (thus checked for the presence of drugs in the body). For a week, he had been using the medicine that he had taken at the ceasar-boston.org. And when he passed the tests, they didn't find any drugs in his organism..