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  1. Amazing team, looks nice. I have been in Singapore I like the way things work there.
  2. Hey, there are a lot of good dental clinics on the internet, take a look
  3. Don’t be so surprised. Playing video games with violence content is the worse. Games like shooters especially. I saw so many times kids that were swearing so hard because they died in a game. I was amazed how they could even know those words. It was nothing to them, they were full of anger and uncontrolled emotional behavior. If parents will ask them to shut down their games, they answered in the same way. Crying, beating and damaging stuff around them. Kids are like sponges and if they absorb such emotions, nothing good will happen as they will grow up. Silenced, isolated and full of hatred. So many cases are present in our days. You can see videos on YouTube, a lot of them. Grown-ups easily are spotted, but they try to hide their anger from the guests or people that surrounds them in public places. I had a friend who liked gaming but had these type of side effects, and I introduced something special to him called red bali kratom, now he plays calmly and when he loses, he laughs! It works like doctors prescription.
  4. Yes, 3D printing services on clothes is becoming more and more popular every day. As technology advances, the product quality is also getting better and people buy print different things on their clothes to individualize themselves. It is a way to show your point of view on different subjects without breaking the law. For example politicians use printed shirts to show their political affiliation. There are much more examples, but you can check them out on https://matohash.com/pages/t-shirt-printing-detroit, who knows, maybe you will find something for you there.
  5. I guess they are the ones that can do everything, but the main thing is that they can print all the sizes, so that is pretty cool. I have a friend that is doing the same thing and he is making pretty good money for our town. I think that I will invest a little in his business and I will start to work with him, because it is easy and interesting. I am thinking to buy a few cardstock printers but I don't know which is good to buy. Recently I found Palmgear website and there are all the best cardstock printer reviews, so I guess I will buy one with the help of this website.
  6. Yes, soccer players take steroids. They must always have strength and endurance. Or to avoid pain feeling in their legs. They use steroids to dull the pain. Many players can't stand the pain, but they can't stop the game. And that's why they take steroids. For example, my brother is also an athlete. He's a basketball player and also takes steroids. I don't know their names. But I know that he takes them on https://sarmguide.com/s23/. And he says that if it wasn't for steroids, he would have retired from the sport long ago.
  7. I've heard of one way. You need to detox your body. Detoxification is to remove toxic substances or qualities from. In general, it is useful to do this even if you do not use drugs. My brother used drugs for a very long time. He took 5 milligrams twice a day. So he ended up in the hospital. After a full recovery, he continued to use. He finally stopped when he decided to get a job. There it was necessary to pass urine (thus checked for the presence of drugs in the body). For a week, he had been using the medicine that he had taken at the ceasar-boston.org. And when he passed the tests, they didn't find any drugs in his organism..