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Cost for extensions, painting etc

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Hi All,

I have just bought a corner terrace and wanted to find out the process and costs involved.

If I wish to close up (probably sliding doors) the sheltered outdoor dining area at the side and extend my living room, do I look for a PE or Survey? Or do I just get a builder to extend as the area is already covered and that setback is already 2m? What are the estimated costs for doing so?

When looking at the corner terrace from the front, It has a slightly odd shape at the bottom left. How do I know what is the setback from the boundary line? Is it still 2m? Or does it differ because it’s a corner terrace with an odd shape? 

And also what costs are involved for the following:

1) to hack 4 toilets including tiles to make way for a new one including sanitary furnishing?

2) painting of interior and exterior including roof

3) changing roof eaves

4) do up 4 more cable points throughout the house

5) changing car porch roof and make the roof a uncovered balcony?

6) including a facial intercom at the side gate

7) changing of the main automatic gate as it seems quite dated 

Thanks again for the valuable advice!


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as long as the works does not involve structure, a PE is not required. a builder would be able to do all the things you want. things like network points, intercom and auto gate can be done by subcons of the builder. for network points, since you are pulling new ones, might as well pull a few more once and for all. if you think you need one point in a room, just pull two instead. else next time would mean pulling with exposed trunking rather than concealed.

if your carporch roof is not build to be used as a balcony, you would need a PE to design a new structure for it.

cost wise best is to call a few builders and get them to go on site to view and then quote. 


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