5 Renovation Myths You Shouldn’t Believe In

March 17, 2017

Toggling between reno-facts and reno-fiction? We break it down for you by busting common renovation myths.

Myth 1: You'll never go wrong with the latest home trends.

Trends may fade off with the ever-evolving interior landscape. If you add a feature just because it's all the rage right now, in a few months it may start looking a little too passe. Instead, it would be wiser to display décor items you know you'll personally love in the long run. Keeping things stylish and simple also plays a pivotal role in home renovation. 

Myth 2: It is more affordable to DIY.

The DIY route is a major investment that requires much of your time, money and effort. Honestly speaking, most of us aren’t proficient enough to yield an outcome teeming with quality. Besides just possessing the right tools, the depth of knowledge needed to distinguish between construction-grade and high-end materials is a major necessity. In order to prevent an amateurish outcome, we highly advise against attempting DIY projects if you aren't already an expert in that area.

Myth 3: The grander the renovation, the more value it adds to your abode.

It certainly does add value, but only if done wisely. For example, a jacuzzi tub may be ideal for your taste, but it could come off as an unnecessary asset or waste of space for a potential buyer in years to come. What you may regard to be appealing may be seen as a limitation to someone else.

Myth 4: An interior designer is all you need to make nests more alluring.

We are all visual creatures, and we know homes done up by interior designers make us fall really, really hard. However, it's not just the output from interior designers that makes a home beautiful. Your input serves as much purpose, and is equally as important. What makes a home wonderful is its uniqueness, and it can only be achieved if both the homeowners and designer work fluidly well together.

Myth 5: No complete trust, no complete renovation.

As cliché as it sounds, trust is essential. You need to put your trust where your money is and believe in the decisions your interior designer makes. However, you can't trust blindly either. There are certain things to look out for, such as the interior design firm's level of transparency and any hidden costs behind renovation packages. Don't be afraid to ask interior designers questions you think might sound too sensitive.

This article was contributed by Gizelle A M.

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