Shopping Guide: 8 Adorable Items For The Quirky Homeowner

May 19, 2017

Do you find yourself constantly on the prowl for peculiar home décor products? If the answer’s a resounding yes, we’re guessing you’ve got a colourful character and aren’t afraid to show it off. These funky picks from the internet are definitely perfect for a soul as abstract as yours.

1. Art Print, Urban Outfitters, $19-$399 USD

Art prints are splendid additions to any sort of space. These selects from Urban Outfitters will certainly provide a bubbly spin to your charming interior. They’re each available in varying sizes and come with or without frames.

2. Duvet Cover, Deer Industries, $138 each

These duvet covers are bound to thrill any kid who has larger-than-life ambitions. Adding them to your lineup of bedspreads will show the fervent support you have towards your little one’s big dreams! Designed in Netherlands and produced in Portugal, the product comes in both Single and Queen sizes.

3. Ceramic Coasters, Snupped, $12 each

Snupped’s online site has so many product pages to scroll through you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. Their coasters alone come in an amazing assortment of vivid designs, meaning you’re guaranteed to find at least one that suits your fancy!

4. Miss Étoile Products, Megafash, $38-$118 USD

Ladies who love purchasing unique kitchenware will definitely want to indulge in this captivating range available at Megafash. You'll be able to spot a wide array of similar Miss Étoile products on their site, including teapots, ice-cream bowls, cake stands and more.

5. Ceramic Planters, Polkaros, $70-$160 USD

A great accessory for your worktable or windowsill, these Polkaros pots will provide your plants with an incredibly snug home. Each one is handmade and hand-painted, meaning every piece is truly one of a kind. Imagine how delightful it'll be to have a bunch of these planters littered all over your home!

6. Toddler Quilt & Playmat, Anthropologie, $98 USD

This lighthearted, colourful quilt can be used for both your tot’s playtime and naptime. Its outdoor-inspired design will also add an adventurous spark to the interior of your baby’s bedroom while the shade of lime green on its reverse side provides a lovely pop without being too overwhelming.

7. Strangely Singaporean Plates, The Farm Store, $12.90 each

Homeware can’t get anymore Singaporean than this. These wacky plates from The Farm Store celebrate some of our local stereotypes, and you might just find yourself identifying with one of their odd characters!

8. Soldier Bookend, Megafash, $65

Having an attention-grabbing bookend is a must for bookworms who enjoy displaying their paperbacks and hardcovers for all to see. Made of stainless steel and plastic polyresin, it weighs just a little over a kilogram.

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