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  1. Hi, mind sharing your reno cost and contractor's information. Thanks!
  2. Hi Rimblock, is there a reason why you aren't taking up Sg citizenship?
  3. Strange that this wasn't reported in the media http://services2.hdb.gov.sg/webapp/BP13BTO...O?strSystem=BTO
  4. hi neubie, how do we prevent the hairline cracks from developing?
  5. We must be thankful for "huge" bto supply, very "low" covs and lastly upgradings.
  6. is this the same as one @ homefix.
  7. how much is this? looks rather sweet
  8. i would be interested in a group buy too. Currently looking at the ydm4109 for under 1k. I'm also looking for a safe. any lobangs? thanks
  9. hi jaskel, how much did you spend on the led lightings? is it dimmer when compared to normal downlights? thnx
  10. are we to provide design the light layout or is it usually the electrician who will come out with the design? Is there anything we need consider when if we were to go led? thanks
  11. anyway last month was hungry ghost festival plus fasting month. definitely there will be drop in sales. it's all about timing the announcements
  12. I know of agents who have yet to pass their exams, simply ask their "managers" to handle the paper work.
  13. just need to note that each time there's a COV transaction we are contributing to the rise in valuation. agents are happy if the price is on the uptrend. just like in private properties where short terms investors help jack up the pricing from the prelaunch sale